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Embrace Digital Transformation with Edge Computing

Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT

Industrial IoT is the best pathway toward digital transformation and maximizing data value in your industry. By 2025, Gartner predicts 70% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a traditional data center or cloud. The volume of data generated from sensors and endpoints are forcing enterprises to deploy edge computing solutions that take advantage of this precious resource. Advantech provides comprehensive edge-to-cloud products, including IoT sensing devices, industrial communication devices, edge computing platforms, application software, and cloud platforms, to support the quick development of IIoT and edge computing solutions.

As the world's No.1 Industrial PC (IPC) provider, Advantech is dedicated to IIoT and edge computing solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of edge computers in a variety of form factors with high computing power for real-time analytics at the network edge, with AI accelerated capabilities for enabling local insights, and a variety of industrial IOs for sensing and data aggregation. Furthermore, we provide remote management and deployment solutions to facilitate edge computing implementation and maintenance in the field.

Edge Solutions

Successful Collaboration in Various Markets

Making Travel Safe and Stress-free with a Smart Anonymization Surveillance System
This solution utilizes existing surveillance camera systems to automate digital visual inspections, such as real-time asset monitoring and automated crowd monitoring, to comply with GDPR by the EU Government.
Benefit: ▪ Legally demonstrate asset monitoring, accurate tracking, people counter, and mask detection under anonymization.
▪ Ensure airport safety and unattended bag detection.
Case Studies Edge AI Solution
Semiconductor Equipment Builder in South Asia
Advantech provides an industrial-grade hardware solution with a customized 13” chassis with an industrial-grade ATX motherboard. Its customized mechanical design improves the system's reliability and longevity.
Benefit: ▪ Easier for assembling and upgrading.
▪ Longevity support and revision control.
▪ Less effort on hardware changes.
Case Studies Equipment Manufacturing Solution
Edge Solutions for Smart Monitoring of HVAC Manufacturing
Daikin India adopts Advantech’s smart monitoring solution to enable data collection and real-time visualization for the manufacturing and subassembly of HVAC systems.
Benefit: ▪ Enables seamless data acquisition and visualization
▪ Minimizes and streamlines data transmissions
▪ Improves machine efficiency and scalability with optimal productivity
Case Studies iFactory Solution
State-of-the-art Connectivity and Infotainment System for an Enhanced Digital and Travel Experience
Advantech’s railway solution benefits operator by enhancing connectivity, content, support, hardware and software system. Updating infrastructure offer innovative infotainment and improve passenger experience.
Benefit: ▪ New revenue streams by personalized services
▪ Replicable system be used different countries
▪ System integration with an all-in-one solution
Case Studies Intelligent Transportation Solution
Smart Monitoring System for Taiwan's First Micro-Biomass Power Plant
Advantech and Sunforce help Micro-biomass power plants develop a monitoring system using Advantech solutions (IPC, remote monitoring program, cloud IoT platform) to achieve remote control and real-time management.
Benefit: ▪ Reduce the time, labor costs and machine failures
▪ Simultaneous monitoring of multiple installations
▪ Cloud platform support number of drivers
Case Studies Energy & Environment Solution

Edge Computers

Systems for Realizing Intelligent Edge Computing

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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT


Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) Ecosystem for Real-time Automation

Combining hardware, edge services, and cloud platforms, Advantech provides remote device control, edge monitoring, and software management services to implement real-time processing and automation.
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT

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Successful Application Stories

This brochure is collected various successful application cases in industrial equipment manufacturing including the following fields, download now to know how to realize Intelligent transformation with edge computing!

- Electronic Manufacturing
- Semiconductor
- Food and Beverage
- Components
- Automated Guided Vehicle
- Test and Measurements
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT

Your Best Choice in Edge Computers for AIoT

Advantech – The World’s No.1 Industrial

PC Provider with 41% of Market Share*

*Market share of IPCs estimated by Omdia

Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
▪ Domestic Configuration to Order
▪ Customized Design to Order
▪ Longevity and Revision Management
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
▪ iDoor Innovation
▪ GPU Qualification
▪ Modularized Expansion
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
▪ Codesys Control
▪ EdgeLink Data Aggregation
▪ WebAccess/SCADA
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
▪ iBMC Out-of-band Control
▪ DeviceOn Remote Control
▪ SNMP Agent Monitoring
Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT

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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT
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Your Best Choice of Edge Computers for AIoT