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Finding Your Industrial Automation and I/O Products, Solutions and Technologies for Industrial IoT Success

As a leading global supplier of automation and I/O products, Advantech offers versatile automation and I/O devices, platforms, and software tools. These products not only meet data acquisition, measurement, control, and communication requirements but also facilitate cloud integration for comprehensive data management across different domains and industries. Advantech solutions can collect and monitor data from various field sites, connecting to IT systems and the cloud for further data analytics and management decisions.

Industrial Automation and I/O Featured Products

A comprehensive range of high-speed DAQ devices, encompassing PCI and PCIe cards, USB modules, and modular DAQ systems tailored for various domain-focused applications.

High Speed Data Acquisition Solutions

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Advantech's Motion Control solutions, encompassing controllers, control cards, and software, deliver versatile, efficient, and user-friendly automation for modern industries. They ensure high performance and simplified development, optimizing industrial control processes.

Intelligent Motion Control Solutions

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Advantech's EtherCAT Control solutions are distinguished by blend of optimized real-time control, compact and powerful design, versatile controllers, and flexible, scalable I/O solutions. This approach ensures efficient, reliable, and flexible control for industrial automation.

EtherCAT Controllers and Slice I/O

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To meet various data collection needs, ADAM's remote I/O offerings include Ethernet I/O with cloud functions, OPC UA Ethernet I/O, Modular I/O systems, RS-485 I/O, and IP-67 machine-mount I/O.

Remote I/O

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Advantech's wireless I/O and sensors enable solutions for diverse scenarios. Select from Wi-Fi, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, or NB-IoT/LTE-M to meet your needs. The modular design of our I/O simplifies data acquisition and enables real-time remote monitoring.

Wireless I/O and Sensors

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A wide selection of intelligent gateways, I/O gateways, and Modbus and Fieldbus gateways equips with data acquisition, data transmission, and advanced protocol conversion capabilities, offering edge communication for remote facility monitoring.

Industrial Gateways

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HMINavi is a robust HMI software with a free Designer tool for offline simulation and PLC connectivity. Integrated WOP-200K systems enhance HMI applications, streamlining manufacturing efficiency through visualization.

Machine Visualization Solutions

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Advantech's TPC series of HMI is designed for data visualization and remote control within industrial automation. The scalable modular series offers flexibility and robust computing capabilities, precisely tailored for a wide range of applications.

Industrial HMI

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Advantech’s UNO series of embedded automation computers provides rugged design with maximum flexibility, including the support of iDoor technology and stackable modular design. UNO series enables reliable edge computing solutions to bridge the gap between OT and IT.

Embedded Automation Computers

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The Edge as a Service for Device and Data Orchestration

EdgeSync 360 is Advantech’s Edge as a Service, featuring a comprehensive suite of software products tailored to revolutionize device and data management across various industrial applications. At its core, EdgeSync 360 is powered by a robust set of software and centralized services, including EdgeLink, DeviceOn, WebAccess, and EdgeHub.

Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity

Data Visualization & Analysis

Advanced IoT Security

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IoT Gateway Software for Connectivity


SCADA for Real-Time Operation


AI Orchestration in Private and Public Cloud


IoT Device & Data Management Service

IoT Solutions for Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0

Advantech provides domain-focused industrial IoT solutions for data acquisition, facility monitoring & management, testing & measurement, and preventative maintenance. These solutions enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and optimize the management capability of organizations.

Industrial Remote Facility Management Solutions

IoT-Ready Battery Energy Storage Systems


IoT Device Management Service


IoT Edge Connectivity Solutions


Test and Measurement Solutions

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Advantech Wireless Solutions

Food and Beverage Automation Solutions with AI

SCADA Systems

Industrial Remote Facility Management Solutions

Manufacturing, semiconductor, energy and environment, and oil and gas industries frequently encounter difficulties in accurately gathering data from geographically distributed equipment. At Advantech, we offer remote facility management solutions specifically designed to address these challenges. Our solutions cater to your specific needs, providing features such as data acquisition, condition monitoring, device management, equipment inspections, and remote operations and maintenance.


Technology Highlights

Supporting the latest wired and wireless technologies, and different protocols for IT/OT convergence

To meet the requirements of the transforming and advancing automation control system, a reliable, flexible, and real-time system can be realized through EtherCAT technologies. Advantech provides comprehensive EtherCAT control solutions, including various controllers and I/O, to fulfill the needs of different applications.


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LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide area networking (LPWAN) protocol designed to wirelessly connect end nodes to the internet. LoRaWAN devices transmit signals over a long distance and provides deep indoor coverage. It supports energy-efficient, cost-effective, and secure communications for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


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OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) supports the transport and interpretation of data and information from field level devices to enterprise information systems. Find out what OPC UA solutions Advantech offers!

PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is a high-speed serial protocol for computer expansion. It is designed to replace PCI, PCI-X and AGP. Advantech provides a complete range of PCIe products— including cards for data acquisition, communication, CANbus, motion control, and frame grabber.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a protocol for communicating between computers, peripherals and devices. Advantech provides USB related products, including various USB I/O and DAQ modules, supporting multifunction industrial USB. They are easy to deploy and install.

USB 3.0

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