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Enabling Industry 4.0 with Integrated
Automation & Cloud Innovations

Industrial IoT
Smart Manufacturing
Smart Factory

The era of Industry 4.0 is upon us. Industrial manufacturing companies are facing strong demand to increase their productivity by realizing smart factories and smart manufacturing. With the advantages of Advantech devices and solutions - IPCs, industrial automation and machine automation technologies, hardware-software integration and various other solutions - it’s now possible to foster the development of Industry 4.0. To realize Industry 4.0, Advantech has initiated three strategic phases. In the first phase of the implementation of equipment connectivity: devices, machines, production lines and factories are connected to the system, and therefore, data transparency as well as information visualization can be fulfilled. In the second phase, data collection and integration, as well as valued-added products and services are introduced for smart manufacturing services. The final phase of intelligent innovative services is the enabling of intelligent machinery and big data analysis. To reach these goals, Advantech enables network-connected iFactories and iMachinery to boost the transformation of smart manufacturing. Furthermore, six solutions of smart factory have been defined – Machine Automation; Equipment Monitoring & Optimization; Machine Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance; MES Integration & Production Traceability; Factory Energy Management System; and Factory Environment Monitoring – developed with integrated automation and cloud innovation for industry 4.0!

Factory Environment Monitoring

With IoT technology, the factory safety can be monitored for dust, gas, CO2, water and other hazardous materials to optimize factory operation and ensure the quality of the factory environment.

Environmental quality monitoring and control system (Air quality, CO2, temperature and humidity)
Natural gas energy and diesel fuel flow monitoring and control system
Dust monitoring / environmental monitoring of high-risk goods storage / combustible gas monitoring

Application Story
  • Effective Water Supply System for Fish Hatchery

  • Swansea Metropolitan University Building Management System

  • Building Smart Substations with more Reliable and Flexible Platforms

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