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Implementing an Automated ElectronicToll Collection System in China



In recent years, toll collection has evolved from manual to automated electronic collection. Under manual systems, roads are blocked by a barrier that interrupts vehicle motion, increasing travel times, fuel consumption, and environmental pollution. By contrast, intelligent electronic toll collection systems can substantially enhance travel efficiency by automating the collection of road tolls, which ultimately reduces vehicle stop times, personnel requirements, traffic congestion caused by bottlenecks, and problems caused by human error. Comprehensive traffic management systems play a crucial role in automating highway toll collections. Such systems use roadside sensing equipment, in-vehicle electronic tags, wireless communication, and computer systems to automatically identify each vehicle, electronically collect tolls, and provide road/vehicle monitoring and data collection. This infrastructure and the data collected also offer substantial potential for future incident management, route optimization and guidance, and travel demand management applications.


Advantech’s ITA-1000 series has been successfully implemented in several ETC projects conducted in China this quarter due to excellent product features and sales forces’ dedications.
To ensure accuracy and efficiency, automated toll collection systems must have wireless connectivity and appropriate application software to reduce errors resulting from manual operation. Advantech’s industrial-grade hardware platform features an EKI-1528 eight-port RS-232/422/485 serial device server and serial communication and digital I/O cards that provide reliable, high-speed serial communication.
Because most toll facilities levy different rates for differing vehicle classifications, the ITA-1000 series solution is equipped with automated vehicle identification and classification technology to facilitate automatic ticketing and toll collection. Roadside sensing equipment communicates with the in-vehicle electronic tags of all passing vehicles, and using radio-frequency identification, classifies each vehicle as either a car, truck, or bus, before deducting the appropriate toll accordingly. By streamlining toll collection operations and eliminating traffic congestion caused by bottlenecks, Advantech’s ITA-1000 series enhances travel efficiency and road traffic safety. Furthermore, the streamlining of toll collection may eliminate the need to expand the existing highway infrastructure, thereby reducing public expenses.


The system platform was an ITA- Intel® Atom™ D525 box PC with a wide operating temperature range (-25 ~ 60 °C) with SSD and rich numbers of I/O (8X USB, 16X COM)for connecting gate, LED display, tags and more. An EKI-2525P five-port industrial PoE switch is used to connect multiple IP cameras across a wide area network, which ensures high-bandwidth data transmissions.

System Typology

The typology below is how ITA-1910 (ETC controllers) and ETC elements are connected for data gathering and information transmission to implement ETC solution.


  • Automated traffic system control reduces workforce requirements
  • Enhanced road traffic control and safety
  • Fewer traffic violations and accidents
  • Reduced congestion and travel duration
  • Improved road maintenance
  • Robust system ensures reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Intelligent remote management capabilitie