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Beijing & Shenzhen Integrated Supervisory Control Systems have been upgraded with Advantech’s dedicated front-end EN 50121-4 Platforms



Due to the rapid development of economy in China, many tier 1, major cities in China have been initiating projects to upgrade their public transportation infrastructure including renovating intelligent rail/ on-road solution to extend the efficiency of passenger transport at peak hour, Advantech has been devoting itself to collaborating local SIs to cultivate these aforementioned projects to serve dedicated, comprehensive intelligent transportation systems and solutions. This year, we are honored to deliver an array of successful cases in terms of front-end integrated supervisory control system (ISCS), building automation system (BAS), Fire alarm system (FAS) as well as centralized traffic control in Beijing Line 10 and Shenzhen Line 5. These systems has highly related to the security of rail passengers which requires reliable, stable industrial platforms to execute. Advantech’s Industrial-grade systems and Ethernet Switch, server and storage have offered one of the prime solutions in the aspect of aforementioned ISCS and applications of wayside control.


An integrated Supervisory Control Systems refers to various dimensions of a railway operation’s control center to assure an efficient and smooth railway deployment. 

An integrated Station Management System (SMS) need several front-end processors, ITA-2000 Series for monitoring station data including signals, power, alert and others; and Plant Management System (PMS) where all subsystem interfaces between Central Management System (CMS) and SMS are well connected via industrial Ethernet switch, EKI Series. ITA-2000 series are characteristic of compliance EN 50121-4 which plays critical role as front-end processor with active electromagnetic resistance. Due to its specific harsh environment, systems featuring EN-50121-4 have vigorous advantage to keep normally, stably function. Each system being integrated with ISCS must function without failure 24/7 to transmit critical information and emergency response solutions.

In addition, Advantech server-grade systems are well applied in power supervisory control and data acquisition (PSCADA) where power substations along rail lines should be monitored and supported by massive computing performance and data storage capacity with power and network redundancy as well as remote control and management.


  • Upgrade front-end Integrate supervisory control system (ISCS) with EN 50121-4 platforms
  • Enhance railroad PSCADA systems monitor and remote control management
  • Improved railway management efficiency with solutions integrated with reliable industrial systems/ industrial Ethernet switch