Ultra Compact ARM-based EtherCAT Controller with Dual-Core Processor, 1 x LAN, 1 x EtherCAT, 1 x MicroSD and Slice IO expansion

  • Up to 32-axis EtherCAT ARM-based motion controller
  • Dual-Core ARM processor
  • 2 x Ethernet LAN, 1 x EtherCAT, 1 x MicroSD
  • Supports Modbus TCP, TCP/IP
  • MotionNavi Designer Low-code Development
  • Multi-tasking Advantech BASIC Programming
  • Retain memory (FRAM)
  • Supports PTP, linear and circle interpolation, Path table
AMAX-354 is specially designed for machine and equipment builders, with ultra compact format for extremely space-saving, providing a cost-effective solution. AMAX-354 is a up to 32-axis EtherCAT controller with flexible I/O extension including local slice I/O expansion and remote EtherCAT I/O device