【Phase In】Seagate Exos enterprise HDD


PAPS is pleased to announce the phasing in of following Seagate Exos enterprise HDD.


  • Enterprise Drive for Bulk Data Applications
  • Robust Bulk Data Storage for a 24×7 World
  • High Performance for Mainstream Data Centre Applications
  • Enhanced Reliability, Data Protection, and Security 

Phase-in Products:

  • 96HD2TB-ST-SG7KE4 / SG Enterprise 3.5"2TB 7KRPM SATA 256MB
  • 96HD4TB-ST-SG7KE3 / SG Enterprise 3.5"4TB 7KRPM SATA 256MB
  • 96HD6TB-ST-SG7KE3 / SG Enterprise 3.5"6TB 7KRPM SATA 256MB
  • 96HD8TB-ST-SG7KE3 / SG Enterprise 3.5"8TB 7KRPM SATA 256MB
  • 96HD2TB-SS-SG7KE2 / SG Enterprise 3.5" 2TB 7KRPM SAS12 256MB
  • 96HD4TB-SS-SG7KE2 / SG Enterprise 3.5" 4TB 7KRPM SAS12 256MB
  • 96HD6TB-SS-SG7KE2 / SG Enterprise 3.5" 6TB 7KRPM SAS12 256MB

*Should you have any question regarding products, please contact Advantech sales representative for purchasing information.