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WISE-iService/ iVA

Intelligent video analysis apply to facial recognition and people counting solutions.

iVA is designed for people counting and facial recognition using intelligent video analysis to detect and recognize people and face for security management. This solution suite allows users to count the number of people entering and exiting an area, identify congestion points, optimize visitor access and provide masked facial recognition integration.

Key Features

Enable legacy camera into smart camera

It can transform existing IP cameras into intelligent devices. 

Smart camera provide accurate data

The smart 3D camera analyze entrance flow and filter out strollers and goods to provide accurate occupancy monitoring.

Visualize visitor data

Passer by/ visitor analysis can be performed all at once and displayed clearly. Operators can use data for management optimization. 


Product List

  • iVA.Counting

    iVA.Counting is a software to precisely count people entering and leaving the pre-defined area.

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