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Watch Your Water

Water is a finite resource and we’re constantly being told to conserve as much as possible. The doomsday scenarios of droughts and water shortages have been embedded into our collective consciousness for many years. There are many things which can be done to reduce our water usage such as turning the tap off when we brush our teeth; putting a filled bottle in the toilet cistern; taking showers and not baths and so on. But until recently there was no real way of seeing how much water is being used for each function at the time. So we have no idea if there are ways of saving more of this precious resource.

Now an innovative new company has launched a small Wi-Fi enabled device to measure how much water is used by each appliance. FLUID is an ultrasonic meter which listens to the water flow from the mains water pipe and because each device has a specific run rate, after a bit of training, FLUID can report, in real-time to a smartphone app, the amount of water being used by individual appliances.

In the event of unusual amounts of use that maybe indicative of a leak, FLUID will send an alert directly to the app.

It may be overly hopefully that this will change our behavior but once we start seeing reduced water bills the benefits may just reduce our complacency.