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3D Smart Counting Camera (coming soon)

  • Stereo camera with 3D depth technology
  • High average counting accuracy(95% - 98%)
  • Immune to shadow and reflection issues
  • Detection on U-turns avoid double counting
  • Get object height, width and depth information
  • Simple installation and maintenance
Advantech's UCAM 3D is a smart counting camera with dual lenses specific for 3D modeling and depth technology. The camera collects people counting data and upload directly to cloud for UShop Store BI analysis without extra server. By building up 3D models with 2 camera lenses, we get more information of the detected object which includes height, width and depth. The 3D technology gives it the advantage of high accuracy in challenging conditions, such as sun light, crowded space, low ceiling, entrance with swinging door and wide entrance.

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