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AdvancedTCA® 10GbE Dual Socket CPU Blade with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 / E5-2600V2 Processors

  • Two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600/E5-2600V2 Processors
  • Intel® C600 Series PCH server class chipset with integrated SAS controller
  • Eight DDR3 VLP DIMMs up to 256 GB with ECC support
  • Up to four XAUI ports on Fabric interface
  • Two 1000BASE-T ports on Base interface
  • Three 1000BASE-T front panel ports
  • One Fabric Mezzanine Module support with front I/O support (type II)
  • Two CFast / one 2.5" SSD storage Device
  • Fully managed, hot swappable RTM
Advantech’s MIC-5332 is a dual processor ATCA blade based on the Intel® next generation platform. It enables the highest performance available in ATCA form factor with up to 20 cores and 40 threads of processing power, fast PCI Express gen. 3 lanes running at up to 8Gbps, and best in class virtualization support. Two QPI interfaces between the CPUs improve memory and I/O access throughput and latencies when one processor needs to access resources hosted by the other socket. With four DDR3 DIMMs per socket in a quad channel design running up to 1866MT/s, the MIC-5332 not only offers superior memory bandwidth over 3-channel designs, but can also support memory densities up 256GB using latest LR DIMM technology. It outperforms previous generation dual socket designs while keeping similar thermal characteristics with balanced airflow resistance.

Using Intel®’s latest PCH with its integrated 4-port SAS controller, the need for an external storage controller is eliminated making the MIC-5332 an ideal choice for cost sensitive control plane applications. While supporting two XAUI interfaces in the base model, support for dual dual star fabric implementations can be added by installing the FMM-5001B Fabric Mezzanine Module (FMM). Beyond that, the Fabric Mezzanine Module type II socket with PCIe x16 connectivity provides extension possibilities for additional front port I/O, offload and acceleration controllers such as Intel® QuickAssist™ accelerators, IPSec offload engines or customer specific logic. FMMs do not only have higher PCI Express bandwidth than AMCs, but also do integrate well in terms of thermal design and board real estate when compared to Advanced Mezzanine Cards. Moreover, FMMs can be reused on RTMs and across different blade designs. This unmatched flexibility combined with the highest performance Intel® Xeon®s available make the MIC-5332 equally well suited for application and data plane workloads.

The onboard IPMI firmware was developed entirely by Advantech to offer greater modularity and flexibility for the customization of system management features especially when it comes to tailoring a system design to meet target cost points without sacrificing features and time to market. HPM.1 based updates are available for all programmable components (BIOS, IPMC firmware, FPGA) including rollback support. Advantech’s IPMI solution, combined with an optimized AMI UEFI BIOS continues to offer advanced features used on previous generation MIC-532x blades, such as BIOS redundancy, Real Time Clock Synchronization, CMOS Backup, CMOS Override and MAC Mirroring. Advantech IPMI firmware has been tested for CP-TA compliance using the Polaris Networks ATCA Test Suite.

The MIC-5332 supports hot-swappable RTMs such as the RTM-5104 for High Availability (HA) needs, rear I/O and dual SAS storage with RAID as well as an optional FMM (Fabric Mezzanine Module). Please contact Advantech for more information on available RTMs. On-board FPGA design facilitates customer-specific modifications and the core board design can be modified or adapted to other form factors through Advantech’s DMS customization services.

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