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Over-the-Air Software Upgrade Management Services

  • Console-Server-Agent structure, in which the server can be in either public or private cloud
  • 100% web-based remote software updating
  • Centralized application, provisioning, firmware, driver, and BSP updates
  • Encrypted protection for updates
  • HTTPS, FTPS, MQTTS enabled for web security
  • Easy integration with 3rd party storage server such as FTP
  • Supports exception rollback for remote deployment
  • Supports automatic and scheduled update modes
  • Supports incremental updates
  • Supports script updating
  • Supports up to 50-device (IPC, IoT Gateway) simultaneous updating
  • Agent supports multiplatform, such as Windows 7/8/10
  • RESTful API web service for further development and integration with other systems
WISE-PaaS/OTA is aimed at remote software updates and supports application, provisioning, firmware, driver and BSP updates. The WISE-PaaS/OTA server can be used to monitor the upgrade process and status, and can configure an upgrade schedule for implementing planned updates. Additionally, WISE-PaaS/OTA supports rollback to a previous configuration for exceptions, and supports shell and batch scripting upgrades for more flexible updates, as well as RESTful API web service, which allows OTA functions to be integrated with other

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