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Windows Embedded Pro
Embedded Operating System

  • Take advantage of Full Windows to provide a high degree of cross-platform application compatibility
  • Deliver an immersive, natural user experience with multi-touch and Kinect for Windows
  • Improve mobility and access with new power management and wireless technologies
  • Access IT systems and the cloud to keep devices connected to the information that matters most
  • Use the enhanced security technologies to protect your device, data, and network
  • Reduce custom development with advanced lockdown features and secure your device from unintended interactions
  • Build and deploy industry devices through streamlined OS installation experience
  • Manage the device alongside PCs and servers with Microsoft System Center
These products are fully functional versions of Microsoft's desktop OS, intended for use in an embedded solution consisting of purpose-built hardware and application software. Developers use Windows for Embedded Enterprise for its visual and differentiated user interfaces, connectivity capabilities, and reliability in building secure applications. It's for dedicated embedded devices that require custom interfaces and fully functioning Windows desktop.

Product Specifications (11) Download Spec

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows

    968IW7PROE Yes
    968TW7PROE Yes
    968TW7PS1R Yes
    968TW7PS1X Yes
    968TW7ULTE Yes
    968TW7US1R Yes
    968TW7US1X Yes
    968TWE8IP1 Yes
    968TWE8IPO Yes
    968TWE8PR1 Yes
    968TWE8PRO Yes

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