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AdvancedTCA® DSP Blade Provides Industry's Most Powerful DSP Farm for Voice and Video Processing

  • Twenty Texas Instruments TMS320C6678 DSPs
  • 512 MB ~ 2 GB DDR3 memory per DSP
  • BCM56321 10 GbE switch for both Fabric Interface and Base Interface
  • Freescale QorIQ™ P2020 for Local Management Processor (LMP)
  • IDT Tsi577 Serial RapidIO switches
  • Pigeon Point System IPMI 2.0
  • Wind River Linux PNE-LE 4.0 support for P2020
  • Single slot PICMG 3.0/ 3.1 compliant
The DSP-8901 is designed with 20 TI TMS320C6678 DSPs. With its twenty onboard TMS320C6678 DSPs at 1.0 GHz core frequency, the DSP-8901 provides 160 cores of processing
power to reach the higher levels of performance density needed to build the highest capacity wireless media gateways. The DSP-8901 significantly reduces overall system power dissipation and system cost, and frees up valuable slots in gateway elements for additional subscriber capacity and throughput. The DSP-8901 includes a high-performance Freescale QorIQ P2020 processor. The powerful Broadcom BCM56321 switch terminates the 10 gigabit Ethernet fabric connections and distributes traffic to the twenty DSPs. The DSP-8901
offers unrivaled packet and media processing capabilities.
For increasing demand in high end video conferencing, broadcasting and telepresence fields, the DSP-8901 ATCA blade also offers unrivaled image processing performance for compression and decompression, image analysis, filtering and format conversion.

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