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16-Axis EtherCAT Motion Controller
  • Motion Studio: Rapid application development tool
  • Programmable with BASIC language
  • 2 x EtherCAT ports for high-performance of Motion and I/O applications
  • RS-232 and TCP/IP support
  • Quick configuration user interface
  • Programmable encryption to protect intellectual property
  • Built-in quick programming assistant
  • C-integration: External DLL interfac
  • Supports on board 8-CH isolated DI and 4-CH isolated DO
  • 16 axes support for motion control
The MAS-5202-EG is a EtherCAT motion controller based on the Motion Studio software development tool. It features a range of built-in debugging tools and can be programmed using BASIC programming language. The unit is suitable for various applications and can greatly shorten the equipment development cycle.
It allows the host to handle up to two EtherCAT networks with extremely short cycle time for Motion and pure I/O applications. For EtherCAT motion port, communication cycle time is no more than 500 μs for connecting 16 axes of servo motors and for fast I/O ports the cycle time is no more than 200us in a high speed I/O system. There are 4 - channel isolated digital outputs and 8 - channel isolated inputs on the MAS-5202 to meet the extra high speed I/O requirements. Additionally, users can easily complete system configuration and
diagnosis with Motion Studio, enabling the simple and fast realization of complex motion control functions, helping users complete configuration and diagnosis easily.

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