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Carrier-grade & Enterprise Blade Servers

Advantech Packetarium XL series are Intel-based blade servers designed for next generation telecom applications such as 5G and edge computing strengthing the transition to NFV and SDN Infrastructure

Product Categories

  • Packetarium XL x86 Blade Servers

    Packetarium XL platforms's modular design scales compute performance on Intel Architecture processors distributed across high-speed switched backplanes, bringing greater flexibility and cost efficiencies to higher density NFV and SDN deployments with reduced total cost of ownership

    • PAC-4010

      Advantech’s Packetarium XLe series meets the higher levels of performance and throughput needed by next generation enterprise and telecom applications, offering new, cost-effective ways to scale-out compute density using Intel® Architecture processors distributed across high-speed switched backplanes. The system is optimized for maximum CPU and network I/O density, enabling faster packet handling to meet the increased data throughput rates needed in enterprise networking and in telecom middle boxes. It is ideal for Network Intelligence deployments requiring accelerated packet processing performance on 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE ports in applications such as high-end network security, policy control and traffic analysis. The first model in the Packetarium XLe for Enterprise series, the PAC-4010 fits in just 4RU and reaches the performance levels typically only found in specialized ATCA or proprietary network processor-based solutions, but at a fraction of the cost. The platform uses common IP and building blocks to bring greater cost efficiencies and economies of scale which can then be passed on to customers. The PAC-4010, packs up to 840 Gbps of I/O, up to 2 Tbps of switching capacity and up to 12 Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3/v4 CPUs in just 4RU. The integrated switch & system control module is based on the high capacity Broadcom StrataXGS® Trident II/II switch family managed by an Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 and provides six hot swappable PHY mezzanine module (PMM) slots to accommodate a wide choice of 10 GbE, 40 GbE and 100 GbE ports with optional LAN bypass support. Many different payloads can be integrated into Advantech Packetarium XLe systems and configured to address a broad range of industry applications. For more details on integrating a specific configuration please contact your local sales representative. Networks & Communications Telecom Solutions
    • PAC-6009

      The Packetarium XLc carrier grade blade server is designed to accommodate the highest density of hot-swappable compute power available in a 400mm deep 6U carrier-grade chassis. It is a highly scalable platform for deploying Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 and Intel® Xeon® Processor D -based blades designed for the most demanding NFV workloads. The system’s 400W per RU power footprint enables deployment in industry standard 19” racks, in addition its shallow depth and straight front to rear airflow make it easy to install and operate in data centers, central offices and telecom rooms at the edge of the network alike. The system has been carefully designed to meet carrier grade requirements in these environments including NEBS level 3 compliance and five 9’s availability. These features make Packetarium XLc ideal for applications such as Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Cloud RAN (C-RAN) and Central Office consolidation among others. The system has been interoperability-tested with software building blocks from key Network Function Virtualization (NFV) ecosystem vendors to provide a fully-functional NFV Infrastructure (NFVI). The first model in the Packetarium XLc Carrier Grade Blade Server series, the PAC-6009, incorporates a highly versatile and modular design with 9 front slots to host 9 single or dual node Intel® Xeon® processor blades. Generic compute blades run application workloads (VNFs) while dedicated cloud control nodes provide orchestration and virtual infrastructure management functions. The system includes 2 integrated switch blades using low-latency Broadcom StrataXGS® Trident switches, each with 320Gbps data plane switching capacity enabling 40Gbps mid-plane connectivity per CPU blade(1). The switch blades also provide ten 10GbE SFP ports each for 100Gbps of external I/O connectivity and uplinks. Support for an optional timing module based on IEEE1588v2 is also available to support network synchronization using industry standard mechanisms. PAC-6009 system management is based on Advantech’s widely deployed SMM-5060 shelf & system manager and is integrated on the switch / management modules. Low level shelf management runs on a dedicated ARM processor while a Freescale QorIQ P2040 runs switch management and higher level system management functions. High availability of Shelf and System management is implemented by running the modules in an active/hot standby scheme. A low latency failover mechanism is provided by a robust, low level failover interface and using crossover Ethernet connections for more extensive state and log synchronization. A full suite of management interfaces is provided ranging from a command line interface for debugging purposes, to a Secure Shell (SSH), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and a Web interface. A System Explorer is available as a secure web server with graphical user interface (GUI) that displays status and control information such as views of the system repository, sensor data and system health. It also provides access to system configuration and supports system maintenance tasks such as upgrade management. Various payloads can be integrated into the PAC-6009 allowing the system to be configured to address a broad range of telecom and industry applications. For more details on integrating a specific configuration please contact your local sales representative. Networks & Communications Telecom Solutions
  • Packetarium Network Processor Platforms

    The network processor platforms-Packetarium™ microserver systems- are with flexibility of SATA SDD and PCIe expansion to choose. Scaling from 1U to 4U with core densities in multi-10 GigE and GigE, these network processor platforms are highly modular in homogeneous or hybrid topologies

    • NCP-7560

      The NCP-7560 represents the high performance end of Advantech’s Packetarium ™ product line. It integrates up to eight powerful, multi-Core Packetarium™ network processing cards for wire speed packet processing providing up to 80 Gbps throughput. The main carrier board provides high-speed switched interconnects between boards, along with storage, systemmanagement and external network connections. <br /> <br /> Each network processing card is linked by dual XAUI ports to a Broadcomm BCM56820 10 GbE switch on the carrier board. The 10 GbE switch also provides six front panel 10 GbE SFP+ ports and sixteen GbE SFP ports via a BroadcommBCM56512 GbE switch. An onboard SAS controller connects to two advanced mezzanine card slots for SAS/SATA 2.5" storage. The carrier board incorporates a MPC8545 local processor for overall switch and system management and provides two front panel 100BaseT ports for remote management. Debug ports are also made available for development of custom or application specific hardware.
    • NCP-5260

      The NCP-5260 represents a new generation of hybrid system designs with Intel® architecture processing on the control plane, and Packetarium™ network processing cards for the data plane. It integrates up to two powerful, multi-Core Packetarium™ network processing cards for wire speed packet processing and accomodates up to 16 x 10 GbE external interfaces. The main carrier board provides the high-speed switched interconnects between Packetarium cards. The Intel® Xeon-based server board provides storage, system-management and remote management network connections.

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