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ULI-242T - RS-232 (Terminal Block) High Energy Surge Protector

  • Three stages of protection on every data line: 1)Gas discharge tube, 2)Series resistor, 3)Transient voltage suppressor
  • Protected signal ground connection
  • Five position terminal block
  • Dedicated chassis ground lug
Model 232HESP is a three-stage surge protector that protects against lightning strikes and other types of voltage disturbances with three stages of protection for each line: a gas discharge tube followed by a series resistor and finally a Transient Voltage Suppresser (TVS). The surge protector is housed in a tough metal, panel mount case with a protected signal ground connection and dedicated chassis ground lug.In order to work properly, it is important to have a good connection between the #10 screws and a solid earth ground. Two terminal posts and two metal mounting brackets provide a good ground connection.

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  • Technology


  • Technology

    BB-232HESP Serial

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