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Video Input Box Module with 2 I/O slots
  • Front panel modules in varying size equipped with P-CAP multi-touch sensors (the 12.1” module features 5-wire resistive touch control)
  • Multiple sized front panel module offering with P-Cap multi-touch sensor (12.1" w/ robust 5-wire resistive touch)
  • Supports two independent video interfaces with picture-in-picture function and up to 100m long signal transmission distance (iLINK technology)
The FPM series of modular industrial monitors extend the functionality of typical industrial monitors. The flexible modularized design allowed users to change the video interface according to their usage demands. Additionally, unlike traditional industrial touch monitors that can only support controllers in a one-to-one capacity, the FPM series monitors can support two controllers simultaneously. Moreover, with the inclusion of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) technology, users can easily change the display layout and switch between units that need operating.
The FPM-7002 model also supports Advantech’s iLINK technology, a long-distance data transmission solution. This technology is designed to resolve issues of touch signal degradation. The provision of pre-installed Wi-Fi and NFC antennas is another feature that allows users to flexibly configure the monitor systems.

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