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Managed Modular Media Converter, 100Mbps, SNMP (also known as MediaChassis 850-39950)

  • Supports GUI-based iView2 SNMP management software, web server version
  • Supports SNMP V1 and V2c
  • Manages up to 40 devices using a single IP address
  • Compatible with all IMC-713, IMC-716 and IMC-719 series
  • Multiple levels of security guardian including community strings andauthentication
  • Password protection for serial and Telnet sessions
  • Supports standard MIBs II
The IMC-710 SNMP management module allows network operators to utilize the full SNMP functionality on all compatible IMC-7xx modules that are installed in the IMC-713/716/719 chassis series. This network management module allows for centralized monitoring of LAN/WAN through iView2 SNMP management application. The single-wide module IMC-710 features in two 10/100 twisted pair ports with one for management and the other for reserved for future use, and also a DB9 serial port for onsite IP configuration via a terminal or computer. Both twisted pair ports include the AutoCross feature that automatically selects between a crossover workstation or straight-through, depending on the connected device. The IMC-713/716/719 chassis with an installed SNMP management module connects to the network via an external pair connection. Through this connection, the network operator can remotely monitor and control all compatible modules from a central site. iView2 is an Simple Network Management Protocol-based element management software provided with intelligent IMC-574 and INC-7xx fiver module series. By taking the IMC-710 as an agent, it features an intuitive graphical user interface that provides a real-life representation of all installed converter equipment and also receive device status information and traffic statistics via SNMP. In this way, it allows network managers to control and monitor device functions, port settings, diagnostic LEDs which show port & fan activity, mode, temperature, power supply status. Users can conduct easy troubleshooting by iView2  that supports IP configuration, Last Grasp feature send, TRAP notification of power failures and automatic software and firmware downloads. With a centralized monitoring on iView2, users can access and manage over 400 IMC-713/716/719 chassis with IP nodes and save the hardware cost of the central control for chassis, achieving the maximum capacity.

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