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Industrial Advanced Routers & Gateways

SmartFlex LAN wired routers are ideal for use in Industrial applications where it is necessary to have devices with high reliability and utility value. Industrial Advanced Routers & Gateways including 3G routers, industrial routers, and cellular routers provide openvpn support, Firewall and enhanced networking secure all transferred data. SmartFlex is equipped with 5x Ethernet ports that can be divided into three independent networks. Optional industrial grade WiFi 2.4 and 5GHz connects wireless devices. PoE versions of the router offer both PoE PSE and PoE PD functionality. SmartFlex, with its powerful CPU and enhanced memory is the ideal platform for hosting high demand customer SW applications. Its open Linux platform with SDK allows the building of SW applications for Industrial IoT and Edge data processing and its MicroSD memory card slot further increases data storage. Smartflex LAN wired routers, with their wide operating temperature range and as well as C1D2/Atex certifications, are proven devices which can operate reliably in a variety of harsh environments.

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