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iFactory/Quick Response
Starter Package - Quick Response with OEE plus Andon solution

  • Real-time monitoring of equipment status and key production information.
  • Easily monitor current production status through the dashboard.
  • Clear history of production events for analysis, to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
  • Data pre-processing transforms raw machine data into meaningful production information to help business owners boost product.
  • OEE & event visualization enables live insights available to both line and production management via calculate and visualize factory KPIs, including OEE and MTBF with dashboard templates.
  • Andon allows customization of event types and setting of notification categories, enabling organized sorting and summarization of any abnormalities encountered during production.
  • 1 x ECU-1251 or UNO-137 gateway includes data collection drivers.
  • SRP-IFS420-E15OEE: Includes one gateway and a 12-month OEE license with Andon I.App service subscription for the first year.
Quick Response provided by WISE-iFactory solution comprehensively focuses on the performance of automation equipment. Equipment data is collected and analyzed for OEE, with Andon providing support for quickly resolving anomalies and returning productivity to normal.

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