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Parking Lot Monitoring System at Japan Highway Service Area


Intelligent Transportation


Project Introduction:
Rest areas experience heavy traffic all year long as travelers stop to stretch their legs and visit rest rooms. In Japan, rest areas are called service areas and feature parking lot, restaurant, convenience stores, gas station, and road information center in addition to the standard amenities. One of Advantech’s customers in Japan was looking to build a high-tech monitoring system at parking lot of new service area in order to measure traffic flow and provide improved security.

System Requirements
This project set out to create a comprehensive monitoring system at parking area of a new service area along the Highway in Japan. An extensive communication system would be required to deliver not only accurate parking information to onsite personnel about the coming and going of vehicles, but also to carry traffic information to digital signage to update drivers on the highway status and help provide efficient security at the service area as well.

Project Implementation

EKI-2541S 10/100T(X) to Single-Mode SC Type Fiber Optic Industrial Media Converter
EKI-2748FI 4Gx+4SFP Managed Ethernet Switch with Wide Temperature
EKI-7554SI 4+2 SC Type Fiber Optic Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch
EKI-7659CPI 8+2G Port Gigabit Managed Redundant Industrial PoE Switch
EKI-7656C 16+2G Combo Port Gigabit Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switch
EKI-7654C 4+2G Combo Port Gigabit Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switch
SFP-FXS/LC-30E 100Base-FX Single-mode SFP module
SFP-GLX/LC-10E 1000Base-LX Single mode SFP module (10km)

System Diagram

System Description
Over 300 Advantech Managed Switches, media converters, and SFP modules were applied in this application, from Gigabit and Fiber Optic Managed Switches and Media Controllers. Advantech’s strength in this scenario was the ability to provide a variety of devices that can be easily connected with each other and providing a reliable, redundant network through the X-Ring technology. Many of the devices in this application also feature wide operating temperatures, making them especially suitable for the demanding service area requirements. The switches are connected to controllers for digital signage purposes and IP cameras for surveillance.

When the communication system was finished, one of the first comments from the system integrator was how much they appreciated Advantech’s ability to provide Ethernet switches, media converters, and rack mount IPCs from one supplier. This allowed them to be assured all products in the communication system would be well integrated with each other with minimal programming effort. In addition, they were very satisfied that Advantech’s EKI series of Industrial Communication devices provided them with a reliable, redundant and robust communication system to compliment their new, modern service area.