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Paving the way for Virtual Reality in Business



Virtual Reality, or VR, is a technology that generates a virtual interactive 3D environment with computer graphics system and a variety of interface devices. Over the past few years, the advancements in VR technology have brought forth fast increase in commercial applications and fostered a burgeoning industry chain; more and more companies are developing their VR devices to meet the soaring market demands.

Our customer in this case, unlike most other companies in this industry who focus on a single device such as head display, expected to develop a complete solution which includes a head display, a knapsack-type wireless processor, total body motion capture sensors, hand recognition sensors and space positioning equipment.

Customers’ Challenges

As the VR system has to run graphics-intensive game software in move, the knapsack-type wireless processor has to deliver high computing performance and the system has to withstand constant shock and vibrations.

In the past the customer had used commercial-level boards and found their inadequacy in dealing with shock and vibrations, therefore they turned to an industrial level board this time. Customized board designs are also needed to support multiple peripherals in the VR systems and our customer’s purposed functions.


To meet the customer’s requirements, Advantech provided SOM-5897 as solution featuring:

  • High-Performance Processor: SOM-5897 incorporates the Intel Skylake processor supporting Intel 6th Generation i7 CPU, a significant upgrade in computing performance
  • High anti-shock capability: The industrial level boards provided by Advantech are reinforced with anti-shock-and-vibrations capabilities that meet the special demands of the VR application scenarios
  • Flexible Modular Design: The modular design concept of COM modules and boards makes product migration and component replacement easier and brings faster-to-market benefits to system developers
  • Flexible technology support: The customer requires for a custom module/board that can meet their particular requirements and purposes, and Advantech provided them with a quick ODM solution while maintaining flexibility for upgrading


The burgeoning VR industry has brought new potential opportunities for COM products, with their market demand expected to be likely to burst within the next few years. Some commercial PC companies and graphics firms have also entered the competition in this field. However, to raise competitiveness the VR vendors have to design their products with distinct features and selling points, and we believe an industrial level customized board will meet their purposes better and bring more advantages in product differentiation, performance and ruggedness.

Application Diagram