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Automatic Gauging for Quality and Quantifiable Inspection


Compact IPC to Support Vision with Great Cost/Space Efficiency

Project Description

For manufacturing activities that demand for highly precise gauging in order to improve production yield and maintain product quality, automatic inspection assisted by machine vision can always justify the capital investment on equipment.

Take PCB assembly line as an example. Studies have shown that for those who adopt SMT process for soldering, as much as 50% of all soldering defects can be traced back to the printing process, and rework on a failed printing can save cost by 10 times compared with fixing the problem after the poorly printed board is reflowed.

Many cunning PCB makers, therefore, have learnt to adopt optical-based instrumentation to measure the dimensional characteristics of solder pastedeposits, such as height and volume, to avoid failed printing in an earlier process stage so asto improve yield rate and prevent loss.

Advantech’s AIMC-2100 is a most agile and efficient IPC platform to support vision systems, which can be applied to a wide range of industries where precise machinery gauging and inspection is needed, such as PCB solder paste inspection, wheel rim spec gauging, or volume position gauging in bottle filling process of beverage production.


  • Compact size built-in vision machine
  • Higher speed interface
  • Lower power and low heat
  • Fully validated with safety requirements


A basic machine vision system comprises a computerconnected with one or more camera(s) to enable frame grabbing (image acquisition) and image analysis. Advantech’s AIMC-2100 is a robust and most economic form among IPC-based solutions to implement such vision applications.

Applied to the PCBA printing process, for example, the AIMC-2100 can be built in machine to catch 2D/3D images of solder paste for dimensional analysis over the height and volume of the solder paste deposits; once it determines a bad printing, it would signal assembly operators to conduct a rework.

The AIMC-2100 is a bare bone system with a form factor as small as a set-top box and can be configured with a range of compatible CPUs, memories and HDDs for our customers’ options to fulfill their needs and meet their budget.

Intel○R Mobile Core i7 is an ideal CPU option for AIMC-2100 to implement a most cost/space/power efficient solution with desirable performance, as the processor features high computing ability with lower power consumption and lower heat dissipation.

The AIMC-2100 is provisioned with a PCIe x 16expansion slot, a fast interface for graphic card which can connect with up to four digital cameras to grab frames for image analysis done by AIMC-2100 computing core.

Or, the PCIe slot can be used to plug a PoE card which can connect with IP camera(s) with Ethernet cables to catch images of inspected objects and supply power to the cameras over the Ethernet cable at the same time, further enhancing AIMC-2100’s power-saving features.

This PoE implementation, however, needs to send the acquired data to server for image analysis; in this way, the AIMC-2100 serves merely as an end device. The different methods to use the PCIe slot for acquiring images retain flexibility for system integrators in plotting out their application architectures. 


For today’s quality-centered manufacturers, IPC-based automatic inspection/gauging systems is the best answer. Compared with human/manual inspection, automatic inspection enabled by machinery vision helps to create quantifiable measurement data for analysis in order to implement precise gauging and inspection with consistent quality.

The AIMC-2100 is a flexible, extra space/power/cost-saving solution for machine vision applications. However, if the automatic system requires additional motion applications, with robotic arm(s) to take defected items off the assembly line, for example, the Advantech AIMC series provide other selects with more powerful computing core and richer I/O interfaces to meet such needs.

AIMC, abbreviated from Advantech Intelligent Micro Computer, is an array of products dedicated to most flexible and economically efficient AOI applications with industrial grade quality fully validated with peripheral compatibility and certified with international safety regulations (CE/FCC and UL/CB) including EMC and explosion-proof requirements,which are not likely available with most other industrial computer providers in the world.