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Intelligent Agriculture System with Advantech Intelligent Gateway and Sensor Node Integration



As the impacts of climate change and population explosion affect us, humans are facing unprecedented challenges and potential food crisis. In order to avoid waste, better utilize limited resources, and increase crop yields, the effective harnessing of the power of modern technology has becomes critical. Intelligent agriculture not only helps improve harvests but it also saves human resources, and decreases the detrimental harm from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Application Requirements

One of Advantech’s clients, an agriculture corporation located in the north of the U.S. has been facing serious water shortages and insufficient human resources. Although there are strong demands from the market for safe organic food products, they unfortunately suffer from serious pest infestation problems due to the nature of their production. Consequently, the industry decided that a modern, smart and more efficient method of cultivation was essential to the long-term survival of their industry.

System Solutions

To meet these demands, Advantech introduced a series of intelligent agriculture solutions using high performance embedded RISC systems. For this customer, Advantech deployed a solution that included a UBC-330 RISC box PC with wireless IoT node solutions WISE-1000 Series, combined with WISE-Cloud software service to manage temperature/moisture optimization, remote farm management, automatic irrigation, pest control, and energy control. The totally integrated solution was able to help overcome water shortages through better resource management and bring about a more efficient profitable operation for the organic food producers.

UBC-330 Box PC:

Powered by ARM Cortex-A8 TI Sitara processor which collects data from sensor nodes and manages the control devices accordingly.

WISE-1021 IoT Node with WISE-1251 Extension Module:

Connects temperature, humidity and PH value sensors through RS-422 or RS-485, and transforms analog data into digital data and sends it to a sensor gateway.

WISE-1021 IoT Node with WISE-1252 Extension Module:

Controls electronic farming facilities such as water sprays and heat boosters. It receives orders/commands from the data gateway and controls devices accordingly.


  • Integrated solutions from intelligent gateways and sensor nodes, to remote management with software built-in.
  • Easily implemented reliable Wireless Sensor Networks solution. Intelligent Agriculture System with Advantech Intelligent Gateway and Sensor Node Integration-diagram