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Flexible Modular Design for Longevity Medical Device Development


These days, most people enjoy good health and longevity with the benefit of advanced medical facilities.

More and more countries are expanding healthcare in their social welfare system boosted by the advancement of medical technologies like point of care diagnostics, robotics and pharmaceuticals. And as more and more countries face issues of an aging society, advanced medical technology can help fulfill the huge demands that are expected.

Advantech introduces ROM-7420, a cost-effective Computer-on-Module  (COM) based on advanced ARM technology and the open standard Qseven COM form factor which is compact in size and completely fanless. Unlike traditional x86 solutions, most of the chips on ROM-7420 have longevity support of up to 15 years so it’s easy for them to become the computing core of a DNA analyzer or an ultrasound scanner. Beyond the advantage of longevity support, the Qseven module builds everything onboard including compact flash and memory chips so customers no longer need to purchase additional key parts such as hard disk drives and memory DIMMs. This makes them the natural choice for medical device suppliers from the viewpoint of cost and reliability.

Flexible Module Design for a Diverse Range of Medical Devices

ROM-7420 follows the Qseven 1.2 Computer on Module standard, it supports rich I/O including GPIO, COM, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, PCIe, LVDS, I2C, and CAN bus. The module board design can efficiently meet all I/O demands by using variable carrier boards. The dimension of ROM-7420 is only 70mm x 70mm x 4mm, which makes it super easy to pair with a carrier board in a very compact size. The fanless design of ROM-7420 meets the medical regulations related to noise and resonance and it also offers more options for fitting into different types of cases.

Complete Software Offering for Application Development

ROM-7420 comes with well-integrated firmware, system drivers and multiple OS images which can help users integrate their software application quickly and without fuss. Advantech also provides QT software, a graphical user interface development tool. Along with test scripts, sample codes and a complete source code package for ROM-7420, they speed up the development of medical applications and make it simpler to code software applications.


  • NXPi.MX6 Plus Dual/Quad 1GHz
  • DDR3 1 GB/2 GB; 4 GB e.MMC Flash Memory
  • Rich I/O for data transition
  • Embedded Console Linux, Yocto Linux and Android


  • Development Boardfor Qseven 1.2 Module
  • Standard Mini-ITX Form Factor
  • Complete I/O Extension
  • Reference Layout and Schematics Available
  • Variable Peripheral Support