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Interactive Whiteboard Boosts Business Communication and Collaboration



Businessmen attend a lot of meetings in order to discuss project ideas, brainstorm, and make face to contact with their colleagues and customers. At meetings, people traditionally record and share meeting minutes through notes scribbled in notebooks or take photos on their mobiles from a white board. But doing it this way takes up a lot of human resources and wastes time travelling back and forth between meetings. One of our customers manufactures advanced digital whiteboards—so called interactive whiteboards, which are able to save notes and pictures as electronic files and allows timely ideas sharing among members no matter where they are. This not only lessens the need to travel to meetings, but also enhances work efficiency and frees up more time to do other tasks.


With consideration for meeting spaces and real-time message delivery, the ideal design is an all-in-one digital white board solution which includes a display and signage player with no cables, expandable interfaces, and wireless connection. Advantech DS-270 OPS signage player perfectly met the customers’ needs. DS-270 is seamlessly integrated with an OPS display in the meeting room with no cables or wires visible. DS-270 is powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core processor with integrated NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M graphic chip to deliver excellent graphics performance for video, audio, text and diagrams. Ultra HD and Full HD playback are supported via a standardized JAE TX25 connector or HDMI interface. In addition, designed with two USB 3.0 ports, DS-270 can work perfectly with a touchscreen which allow presenters to directly write on it. DS-270 also supports GigaLAN (RJ-45), and one internal mini-PCIe used to connect all devices in different rooms and share digital documents to other members through the Internet. Documents can also be saved to a PC or sent directly to a printer.


  • Timely message deliveryOPS (Open Pluggable Standardization)
  • compliant and non-cable design
  • Expandable interfacesSlot-in integration, easy maintenance