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Flexible and Interactive POS Solution Deployed at Global Mall, Taiwan


Global Mall is the largest and most well-known shopping mall chain in New Taipei City. With a total of six stores located around Taiwan, this undoubtedly successful shopping mall chain is committed to providing diverse and high-quality fashion, entertainment, and food services. In line with this commitment, Global Mall follows a business philosophy based on the concepts of “Customers First”, “Service”, “Innovation”, and “Efficiency”, and ceaselessly strives to improve service quality.


Establishing a diversified and high-quality shopping mall is not easy. Global Mall needed to consider customers’ needs inevery shopping environment because even minor details, such as the location of the cashier counter, can greatly influence customers’ satisfaction of the shopping experience. Global Mall required a POS system suitable for a variety of counters that differ in size and height, and are used to provide a range of services in diverse retail stores, such as a supermarket, cinema, and cosmetics store.
Because digital signage applications increase the appeal and efficacy of product promotions and advertising messages by enhancing customer interaction, Global Mall required a POS system that could not only be customized to various counters, but also support a secondary display for broadcasting product promotions and discount messages. However, finding a POS system capable of satisfying these requirements was fairly challenging.


To fulfill Global Mall’s needs, AdvanPOS customized the adjustable pole-mounting design of its POS system to incorporate a unique secondary display. Cashiers can easily adjust the height and direction of this display to provide customers with a comfortable viewing angle, regardless of the counter type. While customers wait to pay for purchases, dynamic promotional videos can be presented on these displays, thereby entertaining customers and shortening their perceived wait time.

Key Benefits

  • Secondary display with adjustable viewing angle to ensure comfort andenhance customer satisfaction.
  • Digital signage increases the appeal and efficacy of product promotions, potentially enhancing sales and revenue.
  • Rich I/O interfaces support diverse applications to satisfy the needs of the retail and hospitality industries.
  • Modular peripherals ensure easy and convenient device maintenance and upgrades.