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Realizing Hotel Intelligent Control and Centralized Management System



In this era of IoT and cloud computing, the business of renovating old hotels is not just about revamping the exterior of an old building,but also trying to combine new technology into the management and provision of services in order to provide more convenient andcomfortable lodging experiences for guests. For system integrators (SI) trying to harness new business opportunities, trying to integratebuilding utilities and devices into an IoT/cloud building system is a serious undertaking.

Taiwan’s Intelligent Cloud Plus is an experienced SI company having worked in several industrial fields. Recently, they received arequest from an old hotel business in southern Taiwan for a big renovation project that would upgrade the building into a modernsmart hotel. For this project though they found that connecting and integrating all the miscellaneous equipment and devices into anIoT infrastructure too difficult so they sought Advantech’s help and invited them to join in the project. Advantech provided a solutioncombining the use of their Advantech Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS) and WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense software, a soft- and hardwarepre-integrated solution that would solve all data acquisition and communication issues from the device to the cloud layer via a one-stopshop user interface.

Each guestroom of the hotel was installed with an EIS unit and a number of sensors around each room’s interior includingwater, electricity, air conditioning, door locks, dehumidifiers, and more. All sensor data was collected via Modbus TCP protocol andtransmitted to the EIS, which then converted data into the MQTT format and IoT standard. MQTT implemented data preprocessingand sent the filtered and compressed data to the cloud for advanced data analytics. This allowed the customer to view results andvisualizations, develop useful applications, and securely store all information.

With such IoT-cloud deployment, the hotel owner and operator was also able to view all the energy and water usage by the month/quarter/year. They were also able to see room occupancy rates, and other statistical results. Hotel staff like clerks and room servicepersonnel could remotely acquire the state of each room via a desktop or mobile device, and guests could also gauge the state of theirrooms via a smartphone app while they were away. They could even remotely control lighting or air-conditioning in their room.