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Customized Touchscreen Solution Enables Efficient Hybrid Meeting Models and Improves Interoperability



Modern workplaces comprise dynamic, flexible networks of office-based and remote workers distributed across multiple locations. Accordingly, many organizations and companies are adopting cloud-based video conferencing solutions that accommodate in-room group meetings, video conferencing, and/or hybrid models that improve communication and collaboration.

Project Requirements 

In an effort to meet present trends, a leading US-based immersive audio-visual experience solution provider decided to launch an advance conference room touchscreen solution (TSS) for their digital collaboration and meeting platform. This planned solution would combine a TSS solution provided by Advantech Design and Manufacturing Service (DMS) with a main processor unit and a switch unit provided by different parties. This bespoke Advantech TSS unit would help link peripherals — including webcams, speakers, projectors, and meeting room lighting systems — and enables their control via a touch panel. The resulting solution needed to integrate smoothly with both legacy and modern conferencing solutions and meeting room facilities. This company’s criteria for their next generation TSS was very clear. Indeed, they wanted a flexible, stylish, reliable, and compact design in three sizes — 5”, 7”, and 10.1” — that could accommodate diverse meeting room layouts and touch interfaces. Advantech’s extensive experience with industrial touch-display solutions led to its selection as the ODM partner. The American company’s ID requirements pushed Advantech to create a slim/compact frame design that enabled mounting in diverse user scenarios without sacrificing technology elements.

System Description

The next generation TSS provided by Advantech features a slim bezel design that uses a 2.5D curved glass display. These attributes are aesthetically pleasing and enhance mechanical durability. In addition, the 7” and 10.1” models leverage a combined LCD and touch interface that occupies the same printed circuit board assembly location — this improves internal space utilization and mass production cost effectiveness. This TSS is equipped with ambient light/proximity sensors (ALS/PS), and miniaturized NFC antenna design that narrows the panel PC’s border. Its dedicated wall mount brackets enable installation within different meeting rooms and accommodate difficult cable routing arrangements. This system supports Linux operating systems, business productivity software, and development capabilities — including a LCD/touch function and rotation, LED light bar, and RGB color changing for different environments and diverse NFC protocol detection.


As a global supplier of industrial panels and tablets, Advantech was ready to meet the aesthetic and technological challenges of this project. In the end, Advantech surpassed the projects’ criteria by providing a sustainable solution with a long-term warranty, supply continuation, and global logistics with after-sale services for international business. In sum, Advantech produced a unique eye-catching TSS that fits unobtrusively into the interior design of modern conference rooms. This solution enabled cost-effective mass production while easing installation. These attributes helped Advantech’s end customer achieve an efficient hybrid-meeting model with improved interoperability.

System Diagram