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Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE with Advantech White Boxes



Imagine a network where a new branch office or retail outlet can be brought online and securely connected to a corporate WAN via the internet in minutes. A network where managed service providers or enterprise IT departments are able to remotely deploy virtual network functions and instantiate new network service chains in a matter of seconds using state-of-the-art management and orchestration tools.  A network store where network administrators can purchase and deploy new services at the click of a button through self-service portals. And ultimately a network that is abstracted from the physical to provide unprecedented agility and cost efficiencies.

There is no need to imagine further. Thanks to their increasing adoption of software defined networking (SDN), software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), service providers have been able to make significant changes in their approach to enterprise connectivity at the network edge. An approach that simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed, and managed. This translates to greater flexibility, enabling both provider and customer to monetize on new business models faster, and to lower costs.

Key to a successful transformation of the corporate WAN is the disaggregation of hardware and software. This not only allows service providers to manage software and hardware lifecycles separately, but also avoids fixed function vendor lock in and provides the means to self-maintain the same software platform across multiple generations of hardware.

The first step to achieving greater network agility begins by disaggregating physical network elements such as routers, firewalls, application delivery controllers and SDWAN appliances into virtual network functions (VNFs) then reunifying them on open universal customer premise equipment (uCPE) based on Intel® architecture that can be scaled to meet performance, throughput and connectivity needs and programmed to fulfill new functions on the fly. 

To support these platforms, Intel has developed the Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE reference design that combines Intel’s expertise with NFV systems architecture requirements with the performance foundation of the Intel® Xeon® D processor. This brief describes the Advantech products that are verified as Intel Select Solutions for uCPE.

White Box uCPE

A white box uCPE can be defined as a commercial off-the-shelf server-grade appliance operating on the customer premises where close proximity to users provides lower latency services. It is used for hosting VNFs that run on an open operating system such as Ubuntu, CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux and provides a virtualization layer for resource abstraction and control. 

Both open-source and commercial software solutions can be hosted, and zero touch provisioning at power on can connect the uCPE to the internet using a secure and automated process over a choice of WAN connections. Encryption can be performed in software or accelerated by hardware based on Intel® QuickAssist Technology to ensure secure communications.

Introduction to Intel Select Solutions for uCPE Configurations

The Intel Select Solutions for uCPE were defined based on the functional requirements of a wide range of uCPE use cases to arrive at a verified and workload-optimized configuration for VNFs and other NFVI applications. Intel has designed two product configurations as part of the Intel Select Solutions for uCPE reference design. 

Two configuration variants of the Advantech FWA-3050 white box uCPE passed Intel Select Solution for uCPE base and plus configuration tests, integrating Intel Xeon processors D-2123IT and Intel Xeon processors D-2187NT.

Table 1 and Table 2 below show the exact hardware configurations of the FWA-3050 verified as Intel Select Solutions for uCPE and compare them to the reference specifications.

Advantech FWA-3050


The FWA-3050 is a versatile white box with two different configurations that have been verified to meet the criteria for the Intel Select Solutions for uCPE. It has been optimized to run enterprise workloads in a compact 1U enclosure that provides advanced security and management features. The platform has been verified as a VNF-ready system integrating the Ubuntu operating system. 

The FWA-3050-4CA1S configuration verified to meet Intel’s base reference benchmark-performance threshold was equipped with a 4-core, 2.2 GHz Turbo boost to 3.0GHz, 60W Intel Xeon processor D-2123IT, while the FWA-3050-16CAR1 configuration verified to meet Intel’s plus reference benchmark-performance threshold was equipped with an Intel Xeon processor D-2187NT, 16 core, 2.0 GHz Turbo boost to 3.0GHz, 110W. The Intel Xeon processor D-2100 product family has been designed for high density implementations, leveraging essential Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and Intel QuickAssist Technology acceleration for high-performance packet processing, which makes it an ideal choice for lower TCO solutions at the customer edge.

Additional configurations of the FWA-3050 allow from 4-to-18 core Intel Xeon processors D-2100 with or without Intel QuickAssist Technology acceleration. The platform supports 4 DDR4 DIMMs for up to 256 GB of ECC memory for highly virtualized environments. Support for one internal low-profile PCIe x8 add-on card enables further encryption offload or internet broadband connectivity extension.

The FWA-3050 integrates up to four fixed 10GbE SFP+ ports and eight 1GbE RJ45 ports. Customers can match specific deployment needs within the same platform thanks to an additional Advantech Network Mezzanine Card (NMC) slot that can be populated with a choice of 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE and 40GbE network interfaces. Please contact your Advantech representative for more information on further LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

Advanced Lights Out Management based on Advantech code base BMC and IPMI suite improves system manageability and reliability, providing platform thermal management, H/W monitoring and supervision. Remote firmware upgrade capability and hardware-based BIOS redundancy make the FWA-3050 an ideal platform for mission-critical and highly available networks. For enhanced platform security the FWA-3050 provides Trusted Platform Module TPM 1.2/2.0 and Intel secure boot support.

The FWA-3050 is CE, FCC, UL, CB, CCC, RoHS, WEE and UL60950/62368 compliant.

Enhanced Features

Advantech’s networking platforms come with an enhanced feature set to improve availability, serviceability and usability:

Remote Intelligent Platform Monitoring & Control 


  • Integrated IPMI Based Management Controller
  • Development, Customization, Validation and Life Cycle Management 
  • Remote Virtual Storage Media 
  • Standard and Advanced IPMI Features


Redundant BIOS 


  • Physical Redundant Flashes for Current/Backup BIOS
  • Watchdog Mechanism to Detect Failing / Corrupted BIOS
  • Rollback Mechanism for System Recovery if BIOS Upgrade Fails
  • Dedicated Update Utility (ABU) 


Remote BMC/BIOS Upgrade


  • x86 BIOS Upgradable By BMC and ABU (Advantech BIOS Utility)
  • Industry Standard HPM.1 Protocol


The safeguard and continuity of business critical services is also ensured by eliminating single points of failure with LAN bypass. Advantech’s advanced LAN Bypass feature guarantees uptime by preserving network connectivity and maintaining communications in case of power outage or appliance malfunction. When Bypass Mode is active, multiple interface pairs can be bridged on power failure and will resume normal functionality when power is restored.

Remote Evaluation Service


Advantech’s unique Remote Evaluation Service (RES) offers developers easy and secure access to an entire range of platforms upon which they can rapidly evaluate Advantech value-add and test new services. In concert with other Intel® Network Builders ecosystem members, Advantech enables developers with early access to the latest technology, which accelerates their next generation product designs. As a result, they can apply innovative new technology sooner to reduce operating expense and grow new revenue faster. RES offers an evaluation framework that brings together members of the Intel.

Intel Network Builders community members who share similar philosophies about telecom and edge cloud architecture can openly collaborate together on a range of platforms from two Intel Atom® processor cores to several hundred Intel Xeon processor cores.

With RES, developers can get ahead of the curve and begin to test different NFV infrastructures on platforms destined for deployment closer to the subscriber in the access network, mobile edge and in customer premises (uCPE) as well as the network core and telecom data center.

For more information on the Advantech FWA-3050 verified Intel® Select Solution for uCPE, how to access RES for an evaluation, and how to order a platform, please visit:   
For information on Advantech’s Intel Select Solutions for NFVI please visit Advantech’s dedicated landing page:

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