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New Thermal Solution Empowers Ultrasound Devices


In the medical field, Ultrasound requires high-speed board design basedon multi-bus signal acquisition channels, signal acquisition and has tocomply with many rules in medical field. Especially device must work ata normal temperature to provide a stable operation.


Medical device requires high-performance boards which causes theheat dissipation problem easily. This problem develops when a highperformance CPU generates massive heat. Also, in order to support highdefinition image output, an integrated GPU design while consuminglow power is required. Because of various requirements, there are somechallenges that customers suffer from:

  1. Constraints in airflow of the medical device enclosure that requirescomplicated design.
  2. Using max graphic performance of the CPU/GPU results in max TDP isused and needs to be dissipated.
  3. Difficult to achieve cost effective and reliable solution4.
  4. Low cooler noise is one of important factor in silence medical space.
  5. Scalability of performance and easy maintenance are key issues.


Equipped with Intel the 4th generation Core i series CPU, AdvantechSOM-5894 module is based on a COM Express Basic, Type 6 form factor,and can provide high-performance signal processing power and fullymeets the design requirements of Ultrasound devices. SOM-5894 has highprocessing performance and rich expansion interface features which helpdesigners to achieve flexible design requirements of Ultrasound devices.

Platform-Leading Performance

SOM-5894 module is based on Intel Haswell platform, which provides significant performance boost over theprevious generation of processing speed.

Dynamic Heat Conduction System

Advantech has developed a highly efficient thermal solution– the Dynamic Heat Conduction System (DHCS).The advanced DHCS technology effectively improves heat transfer performance, which solves the heatdissipation problem when a high performance CPU generates massive heat. With the help of the Dynamic HeatConduction System, devices and systems can run smoothly and the chances of a breakdown or malfunction canbe reduced.

Powerful Graphics Engine

Support hardware encoding / decoding, HD video acceleration, covers a variety of display interface —HDMI/ DVI / Display Port, support ultra-high-resolution image B output, even small lesions graphics can easily bediscovered , thus greatly improving the accuracy of diagnosis; also support three independent displays.