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Russian NRCERM Hospital Works with Advantech to Create New-Generation High-Tech Operating Rooms


By Pei-jun Liao with images provided by Advantech

Interview with Russian NRCERM Hospital


In order to update all 14 operating rooms, the NRCERM Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, decided to adopt the Advantech POC fixed-point care system to automate the medical workstations and medical information. This improved the efficiency of operating rooms while continuing to provide patients with high quality medical care.

In the operating room, the doctor is focused on the patient’s surgery, while several assistant physicians and nurses are on standby. Some will be assisting with the use of surgical equipment, some may even help by wiping the sweat off the surgeon, and others will be passing the surgical instruments. Regardless of the tasks, all of them are around the bedside, focusing their efforts on the patient and surgeon. 

There is a medical caregiver wearing a surgical gown, standing distant from the hospital bed, focused on the computer screen in front of him. With his eyes looking forward, there is a screen showing real-time images of the operation. There is another screen next to the main screen, which shows the patient’s medical record and examination images, making it convenient for the surgeon to understand the overall condition of the patient.

NRCERM introduces medical grade computer using IT to upgrade the operating rooms

This operating room, combined with technological applications, is not a fictional plot in a movie or a story but a real thing in the Nikiforov Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine (NRCERM) located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Founded in 1991, the NRCERM Hospital is part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation (EMERCOM) and is a leader in the medical care sector in St. Petersburg. It currently has 14 operating rooms and 560 beds and treats approximately 15,000 patients every year.

Since its inception, the NRCERM Hospital has decided to provide important medical and surgical services that sets high standards for patient care. The NRCERM Hospital not only introduces the most advanced medical equipment but also actively develops information technology, such as: the introduction of Hospital Information System (HIS), improving medical quality management and implementing electronic medical record applications; NRCERM Hospital successfully passed the EMRAM level 6 certification in 2017, where the EMRAM is an international medical health message and evaluation model designed by the Health Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) to examine the application level of electronic medical records.

The NRCERM Hospital decided to introduce two medical-grade computers to upgrade all of the 14 operating rooms to continue to provide high-quality care for patients.

Under the planning of the NRCERM Hospital, each of the two computers play a different role. One acts as an automated workstation, which monitors the anesthesia process carried out by the anesthesiologist and records the physiological changes of the patient during the operation. It also automatically records and calculates in real-time. Which includes recording the medical instruments, medicines, materials, supplies used during the operation and will also display a surgical consent form.

The other computer allows medical staff to instantly receive all patient records, not just the data in the electronic medical record system, but also images taken by medical examinations such as X-rays, computed tomography, and MRI. Since both computers are used in the operating room, the NRCERM Hospital requires both computers pass medical safety standards, easy to clean and disinfect, to ensure sanitation of the operating room and the implementation of infection control.

Mobile medical carts make medical decisions faster and more efficient

The NRCERM Hospital took some time to find a solution even after a long periods of research and comparison. Under the recommendation of the Mobile Computer Systems, a partner of the Advantech, the NRCERM Hospital decided to cooperate with Advantech to develop a medical workstation solution suitable for the operating room- the Advantech AMiS-60 mobile cart, which can freely move around in the operating room. The Advantech AMiS-60 consists of the POC-W212 medical point-of-care system and the POC-W151 DICOM converter.

Advantech’s POC medical point-of-care is UL60601- 1, IEC 60601-1 / 60601-2 and EN 60601-1 certified, it has a medical grade equipotential bonding design and a separate COM / LAN connection port, which reduces the risk of electric leakage and shock. It also fully meets the requirements of the NRCERM Hospital guidelines with safety certification and reliability regulations.The POC Medical Point-of-care system features the IP54-grade dust and water resistance. This helps prevent water and dust from entering and has easy cleaning feature to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and infection control.

The POC Medical Point-of-care system can also serve as a control interface for a variety of devices, due to the built-in ports at the POC terminal, which has rich and diverse connection functions that can integrate peripheral devices such as cameras, card readers, RFID / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth modules, allowing the NRCERM Hospital to expand the systems functionality to specific application requirements. The POC terminal is also equipped with Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), which enables the hospital to remotely control its equipment and devices to reduce maintenance costs.

Today’s healthcare industry needs more mobility. If hospitals can access medical-related data, services, applications at anytime and anywhere, it can deliver medical services seamlessly and efficiently. Which holds great value to clinicians and patients. We are pleased that the medical workstation solution developed by the NRCERM Hospital and Advantech have met those needs.

This solution integrates existing information systems and other medical devices. With the combined cart design, it allows NRCERM medical staff to push the computer around freely, while remotely retrieving the patient’s medical records, X-ray films and pathology reports at any period of time. Making decisions faster, effective and offer patients high quality medical services in an efficient manner.