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Virtual Teller Machine with Multiple I/O Capability and Software Services


By providing real time, face-to-face conversation with bank servicespecialists, smart Virtual Teller Machines (VTM) can cover 95% oftraditional counter services while prolonging service hours to reduce laborand banking costs. As VTMs gain popularity, digital security is becominga crucial issue - for data protection, backup, and storage.


Hoping to take advantage of VTM technology, Advantech’s China-basedcustomer required a highly reliable hardware design. The design neededto support multiple USB, serial ports, and expansion slots for stableconnectivity with numerous external devices. Software support, includingembedded BIOS and security protection, was also needed.


In this case, the customer used Advantech’s AIMB-503YH Micro-ATX motherboard, which supports the Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processor foroutstanding CPU and graphics performance. The 16 USB ports and 10Serial ports connect with multiple external devices - cash dispensers,receipt printers, and scanners - using a single motherboard. Themotherboard provides dual independent displays and three PCIe slotsfor high expansibility. The enhanced USB power switch design helpscustomers control on/off power and their application independently viaGPIO for maximum reliability.

Reliable USB Power Design

Each USB port can be controlled and powered on/off separately by GPIO and users can implement this featurethough a custom API. The system can auto reset USB devices when abnormal behaviors are detected.

Customized BIOS and Security Software Support

As an integrated solutions provider, Advantech’s customized BIOS service offers a major advantage for partnerslooking for optimized performance. Moreover, the AIMB-503 bundles Advantech’s smart, value-added WISEPaaS/DeviceOn IoT software to help users perform remote monitoring and real-time management. WISEPaaS/DeviceOn offers system data recovery powered by Acronis and security protection from McAfee toensure reliable and efficient banking operations.