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Advantech New PICMG COM Express Type 7


New COMe specification for mega data analysis

The modularized computer concept has been employed for over 20 years now and has generated many popular form-factors such as ETX, COM Express, and Qseven. COM Express® is becoming the most popular COM specification due to the latest expansion interfaces and I/O, generating variouspin-out types and three different form-factors. COM customers benefit from its flexibility and easy learning curve to serve a variety of applications. Computer-on-Module applications cover a wide range of products and applications, from computing servers, HMI, transportation, industrial automation, gaming, defense, medical, etc., with different orientations requiring specific features. Among these, higher computing performance requirements have not been satisfied because existing solutions mostly adopted mobile, lower power platforms.

PICMG COM.0 (COM Express) Type 7 Pin-out

Dueto theemerging requirements and chipset vendors’ new product portfolios aimed at entry networking, cloud storage, and microservers, computer-on-module standards such as PICMG must respond and address those inquiries. Advantech, as a world leader in embedded and COM solutions, plays an important role in new standards development. We provide mature concepts and practical data based on decades of experience in COM, server boards, ATCA, CPCI, and other embedded and networking products. As a result, Advantech provides state-of-the-art products with reliable quality and service.

Due to the differences between networking and embedded products, current COM Express pin-out types cannot satisfy all the specific requirements. Besides, the current pin-out type was developed to fit embedded solutions, which contain mostly general, comprehensive interfaces rather than networking and server oriented features. That is the reason why PICMG, Advantech, and a worldwide solution provider puteffort into generating a new pin-out type to satisfy the requirements of both platform features and product applications.

PICMG COM Express Type 7 Pin-out Migration

Type 7 Product Functional Block Diagram