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WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS: Generating Value from Data via Cloud Collaborative Platform


Author │Ming-Xiu Hong, Digitimes 

Interviewees│ Chi-Wen Lin, Director; Louis Lu, Director, Advantech Embedded IoT Division

For the manufacturing industry, in addition to automation, smart technologies are a crucial element in the process of building smart factories. In the creation of value through smart manufacturing, difficult challenges faced by vendors venturing into the IoT domain include data acquisition/organization, logic flow editing/execution, interpretation of collected data, and data transmission to a centralized management platform for remote monitoring

Concurrently, in the process of providing cloud services, software design and applications are no longer restricted to specific individuals or corporate users. Factors that will become key areas of cloud service development include how to allow a large number of users to share the same stack of hardware/software resources; permitting individual users to utilize such resources according to their actual usage requirements; designing modular, customized software services; and developing multi-tenancy technologies to prevent impacting other users accessing the same platform.

Creating Quantifiable Cloud Services Based on Different Industry Requirements

To help customers create a suitable IoT architecture and corresponding analysis/application tools in the shortest time possible, Advantech has launched the WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS IoT Cloud Platform as a service. Data visualization is achieved by collecting information from various pieces of equipment, integrating the platform’s data analysis tools with the dashboard, and developing or applying cloud services related to the industry (e.g., multi-tenancy, elastic scaling, sensor fusion, metering& billing, high-availability, and security). Through data analysis and machine learning, mathematical models are introduced to the network edge on the basis of industrial applications in order to achieve connected equipment, data analysis, and machine learning, as well as to create services required by application platforms in a range of industries.

Previously, administrators were unable to evaluate the true costs and benefits of using cloud services; however, these measures have become relatively clear with regards to the equipment involved. Through evaluating the cost of equipment, administrators can easily assess the amount of data generated by their equipment, and from the same data, they can estimate the average amount of cloud resources they use. On-demand billing is a critical concept for cloud services. Under this model, it is unnecessary for users to estimate the number of authorizations required. Instead, the system automatically tracks the usage status of users and generates regular billing statements accordingly. Using cloud resources has become as simple and convenient as using water or electricity.

In addition, when resources are shared among tenants, the most important consideration is to prevent data interference. Advantech’s PaaS offers options for customized configurations, architecture expansion, and performance optimization. The same IT infrastructure is shared among isolated tenants to strengthen the security of the cloud environment and expand the application scope of multi-tenancy technologies.

Reducing Implementation Costs and Generating Value Through Collaborative Creation

Throughout the past 30-plus years since its founding, Advantech has developed and sold many embedded systems. Today, Advantech has become the world’s leading systems provider through Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS IoT cloud service, the linking of “things” and the cloud shortens development times and reduces the amount of resources that customers must invest. In addition, existing interfaces can be redeveloped to derive value from data.

In modern times, data acquisition has become a mandatory process in large-scale manufacturing. However, determining how to derive value from collected data is an important stage that is currently being explored. The primary mission for Advantech is to create value from data by offering cloud PaaS for customers to create added value. To achieve collaborative creation, Advantech will further enhance its customers’ operating efficiency, aid them with transformation and upgrading, and work together with them to create innovative IoT solutions.