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The industrial app economy is driven by big data.For businesses, the industrial app is key to promoting industrial IoT, implementing Industry 4.0, and undertaking digital transformation. An increasing number of companies are creating new industrial apps to enhance their decision making processes through data-driven approaches and AI analysis. These companies aim to satisfy evolving demands related to increasing production capacity,improving yield rates, optimizing utilization rates,and deploying predictive maintenance. Unfortunately, industrial app development is time-consuming and cost intensive.These processes tend to bottleneck projects and slow digital transformation.

Utilizing IIoT data platforms can subvert conventional frames of development and accelerate deployment. Advantech’s WISE-PaaS 4.0 platform facilitates the integration of diverse devices and communication protocols, thereby promoting data exchange betweencloud services, support for cloud-native technologies, and several application framework services. These features make WISE-PaaS 4.0 one of the best data platforms forIIoT application development.

Innovative data-driven decision-making via edge-to-cloud connectivity and cross-cloud management

WISE-PaaS integrates edge computing with an IoT cloud platform and provides a wide range of services including edge intelligence, cloud data collection, data analysis, and dashboard visualization. WISE-PaaS helps DFSIs and equipment manufacturers focus on the specific needs of vertical markets and quickly develop varied AI IoT (AIoT) applications.

WISE-PaaS is structured in several ways. First,it integrates intelligent edge computing application software, sensors, and edge computing devices (e.g., WebAccess and WISE-DeviceOn). It combines heterogeneous data from multiple devices and different communication protocols then uploads it to the WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS, a core cloud computing platform. Second, EnSaaS cross-cloud management bridges mainstream IaaS services such as Azure, Ali Cloud, AWS, and private clouds (Advantech’s WISE-STACK) to satisfy cross-cloud management and target market localization demands.WISE-PaaS links data from the edge to the cloud allowing users to derive insights from edge data and thereby fast-track decision-making and application development processes by accessing statistical data analysis and AI.

K8s-based EnSaaS 4.0 is now a cloud-native platform that allows users to create application elements based on containers and micro-services. Users can improve their coordination with Advantech I.Apps or utilities from Advantech’s WISE-Marketplace. Application elements can be decoupled and refactored in to adjust application services quickly and adapt to ever-changing market demands.

WISE-PaaS 4.0’s target customers are the three types of user who require I.Apps to implement AIoT transformation. The first type is DFSIs, who utilize WISE-PaaS modularized services, reusable containers, and micro-services to develop solutions that meet their customer’s needs. The second type is legacy industries. Businesses implementing WISE-PaaS can utilize real- time visualization of production and equipment data in place of manual production data. This transformation enables remote production monitoring and optimizes production efficiency. The third type is equipment manufacturers. In the past, factories only requested services when encountering equipment problems or materials shortages. This made it difficult for equipment manufacturers to provide services. Now, with the help of AI, manufacturers can increase equipment efficiency and more effectively perform prognostic tests as well as health management through predictive diagnosis services, and schedule maintenance before failures occur.

Utilizing application framework services and accelerating industrial data mining

WISE-PaaS benef it s DFSIs, businesses, and equipment manufacturers. Effective on-site data mining and information alchemy helps them create their own business transforming industrial apps. Speeding up the development of I.Apps requires utilizing application framework services. Application framework services for visualization include WISE-PaaS/Dashboard and WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer. These two services are easy-to-use, intuitive, and use low-code development tools that utilize drag-and-drop widgets to forgo the need for traditional coding processes. WISE-PaaS/Dashboard supports dozens of data sources and several visualization plug- ins, allowing users to display the latest data changes on visualized dashboards. This is achieved by synchronizing ranges. WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer is a 3D workflow maker. By utilizing 3D models and flowcharts that reflect actual application sites, users can observe the parameters of facilities while operating dashboards remotely.

The second framework service is called WISE-PaaS/InsightAPM for Asset Performance ManagementWISE-PaaS/InsightAPM provides modules including device connection, management logic via topology configuration, alerts and notifications, and equipment performance analysis. These help users quickly access equipment performance data, optimize efficiency, and lower the risk of unexpected production pauses and abnormalities.

Most importantly, after users launch WISE-PaaS edge-to-cloud services, they can find suitable I.Apps from the WISE-Marketplace and use software microservice consultancy services. By utilizing these tools and services, businesses can construct solutions and further their transition into Industry 4.0.

The WISE-PaaS data application platform end-to-cloud architecture provides a comprehensive development environment for data collection, analysis, management, and applications, while promoting interoperability between I.Apps via the WISE-Marketplace and accelerating the development of industrial solutions.