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【Product Change】AQD Die Revision (Samsung )


We have recently received product change notice from manufacturer for the following products. This announcement takes effective immediately. Please review this notice carefully and contact with product manager or your regional PAPS representatives, should you have any question.

  • AQD-D4U4GR24-SG / 4G R-DDR4-2400 1.2V 512X8 SAM
  • AQD-D4U8GR24-SE / 8G R-DDR4-2400 1.2V1GX8 SAM
  • AQD-D4U16R24-SE / 16G R-DDR4-2400 1.2V 1GX8 SAM
  • AQD-SD4U4GE24-SG / 4G ECC SO-DDR4-2400 512X8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-SD4U8GE24-SE / 8G ECC SO-DDR4-2400 1GX8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-SD4U16E24-SE / 16G ECC SO-DDR4-2400 1GX8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-D4U4GE24-SG / 4G ECC DDR4-2400 512X8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-D4U8GE24-SE / 8G ECC DDR4-2400 1GX8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-D4U16E24-SE / 16G ECC DDR4-2400 1GX8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-D4U8GR26-SE / 8G R-DDR4-2666 1.2V 1GbX8 SAM
  • AQD-D4U16R26-SE / 16G R-DDR4-2666 1.2V 1GbX8 SAM
  • AQD-D4U4GE26-SG / 4G ECC DDR4-2666 512X8 1.2V SAM
  • AQD-SD4U4GE26-SG / 4G ECC SO-DDR4-2666 512X8 1.2V SAM