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【New Product Launch】Advantech Launches PPC-6151C Configurable Panel PC


Taipei, Taiwan, November 2016 – Advantech, a leading provider of service automation solutions, is pleased to announce PPC-6151C – the first configurable panel PC available on the market. Featuring a 15” true-flat resistive touch TFT LCD display and an optimized chassis with 2.5” SATA HDD bay, PPC-6151C can be equipped with various certified mini-ITX motherboards and configured to specific application requirements. In addition to multiple I/O ports, including RS232/422/485, DisplayPort 1.2, VGA, USB 3.0, Line-Out, Mic-In, the system features an integrated PCI/PCIe x4 slot to enable flexible expansion for increased functionality. The entire system is CE and FCC Class A certified while the front panel is IP65 rated for protection from water and dust, making PPC-6151C the ideal system for industrial applications in a wide range of environments.

Configurable Panel PC Supports Various Motherboards

PPC-6151C is the first commercially available configurable panel PC compatible with any mini-ITX motherboard. Because traditional panel PCs feature proprietary display panels and touch sensors, connecting them to a third-party motherboard is nearly impossible. Consequently, customers dissatisfied with these systems were required to build custom models from barebone units, resulting in extended lead times and increased costs due to minimum order quantities (MOQs). Advantech resolved this issue by developing a proprietary daughter board that transmits display panel signals to the motherboard. This allows customers to select their preferred mini-ITX motherboard platform and configure the system specifications and functions according to their usage requirements and budget considerations, rather than overspending on redundant features.

Reduced System Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Besides enabling customers to select boards that satisfy their exact requirements, the PPC-6151C’s flexible design means that in the event of a motherboard failure, a replacement motherboard of the same model can be directly installed on-site. This eliminates the costs of sending the system back to the RMA center for repair and significantly reduces operational downtime.

Rapid Customization and Order Fulfillment

Advantech’s configure-to-order service (CTOS) team offers professional technical support and customization services to deliver solutions that satisfy customers’ specific application requirements. In addition to providing a list of pre-certified motherboards that can be installed in just 7 days, Advantech’s Panel PC Product Division can certify any off-the-shelf motherboard within 30 days, reducing the system development time and time-to-market. With such high customizability, PPC-6151C not only offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of industrial applications, but it also demonstrates Advantech’s commitment to producing innovative solutions that address customer needs.

Key Features

  • 15” true-flat TFT LCD display with resistive touch 
  • Supports certified mini-ITX motherboards (up to 45W TDP processor)
  • PCI/PCIe expansion slot for increased functionality 
  • Front LED power status indicators 
  • IP65-certified front panel 
  • Supports VESA mounting (upon request)

Advantech’s PPC-6151C configurable panel PC is available for order now. For more information regarding PPC-6151C or other Advantech products, contact your local sales representative or visit the Advantech website at

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