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19” Rack-mount Industrial Ethernet Solution


Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2018—Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication solutions, expands its line of 19” rackmount Ethernet products with the launch of the EKI-7428G-4FA and EKI-2428G-4FA.

This rackmount Ethernet product line includes managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches with up to 28 ports. Equipped with optional copper, PoE, and fiber connections, these rackmount Ethernet switches offer high flexibility and are capable of dealing with most network management applications.

Models like EKI-7428G-4CPI, EKI-7428G-4CI and EKI-2428G-4CI with a wide temperature operating range (-40~75°C) and rugged design are designed specifically for field sites in harsh environments, and those that operate in the standard temperature range are for management sites where environment condition is more gentle. 

EKI-7428G-20FA, EKI-7428G-4FA, and EKI-2428G-4FA with fiber connections can extend the network over a greater distance, and they also can also be used where there is high level of electromagnetic interference or EMI. 

PoE version EKI-7428G-4CPI provides both data connection and power to end devices like wireless AP and IP camera. 

Managed EKI-7428 series provides the ability to configure, manage, and monitor devices and user greater control of how data travels.


24GE PoE+4G Combo Managed Ethernet Switch, IEEE802.3af, -40~75°C, 46~57 VDC


20GE SFP+8G Managed Ethernet Switch, 19" Rackmount, 100~240 VAC


24GE+4G Combo Managed Ethernet Switch, -40~70°C


24GE+4G SFP Managed Ethernet Switch, 100~240 VAC


24GE+4G Combo Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, -40~75°C


24GE+4G SFP Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, 19" Rackmount, 100~240VAC, 0~55°C

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Kuei Lang
Advantech IIoT- iConnectivity marketing