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Optimized and Well-balanced Cooling Performance with Advantech’s New Thermal Solutions


Advantech recently launched the WIN series of CPU air coolers with heatsink heights ranging from 1U through 4U, designed for IPC, embedded, and server solutions. Utilizing a
high performance and low noise fan design, oxygen-free copper, two industrial grade ball bearing fans, and backed by a 5-year warranty, they are designed to operate stably and reliably in all kinds of harsh environment.


Some of Advantech’s WIN CPU air coolers feature a low profile design which suits slim-width cases that have limited space, and some feature aluminum extruded heatsinks which provide excellent heat dissipation. They are ideal for industrial applications such as solar engineering, storage solutions, embedded, and industrial computing systems.


Key feature highlights:


Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC): The characteristics of OFC are its high thermal and electrical conductivity and high impact strength. It's often used in a wide range of industrial-level applications, including telecom, military, electricity supplies and more. Advantech uses OFC metals, with a copper content of 99.9%, across its thermal solutions, to ensure it meets the strictest requirements forcustomers.


Two Ball Bearing Fan: Dual-Ball Bearing Fan: A good thermal solution needs a reliable fan that will keep the system cool and prevent it against crashes from overheating. Advantech utilizes ball bearing fans as they last considerably longer than sleeve bearing solutions. Ball-bearing fans on averaging can lasts 70,000 hours (at 40°C) of continual use making them the preferred fan solution for industrial thermal applications.

Ultra Slim Heat Pipe technology: Ultra slim heat pipe technology makes heat pipes smaller, thinner (>1mm), and lighter, and best of all it also gives them better thermal  performance over traditional solids metal heat spreaders, making them the best solution for IOT applications. 

Product List:

Part Number

Product Description


Active 1U 55W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket G


Active 1.5U 57W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket G


Active 2U 65W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket H


Active 2U 95W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket H


Active 3U 95W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket H


Active 4U 135W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket H


Active 2U 95W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket T


Active 1U 55W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket G


Active 1.5U 57W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket G


Active 1U 34W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket M


Active 4U 180W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket R


Passive 1U 95W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket H


Passive 1U 130W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket R


Passive 1U 150W CPU Cooler for Intel® Socket R