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Advantech Unveils Newest Line of VUE Signage and Video Walls


VUE-5000 series from the VUE touch display family: 32”~86” digital signage and 49”~55” video walls. To accommodate increasing demands for digital signage, Advantech launched 55~86” VUE displays and 32~65” signage models as part of the Command Center SRPs in 2018. By providing different variants and sizes, Advantech delivers display solutions in retail, industry, gaming, advertising, and medicine.

Advantech’s VUE signage models are comparable in size and appearance to modern TV sets. However, there are key performance differences that make them ideal solutions for a variety of applications.

  1. Panel performance: Advantech’s panels surpass modern TVs in operating capacity and performance. The average TV operates between 4 and 10 hours per day, far less than the average entry model signage panel which can perform for 12. Advantech’s solutions operate between 18 and 24 hours per day.
  2. Screen orientation: Unlike modern televisions, digital signage supports both portrait and landscape aspect ratios.
  3. Panel brightness: Most home-use TV sets have an average brightness under 300 nits. Advantech’s signage is considerably more luminous, with models ranging between 400 and 2500 nits. Advantech’s video walls and digitals signage are ideal for shopping centers and environments with high levels of ambient light.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Adaptability: Advantech’s signage and video walls are designed to be energy efficient and cost effective solutions for consumers and mission critical customers. Furthermore, they support DC 90 ~ 144 VDC power inputs based on AC design.

Increasing numbers of customers require touch-screen functionality to access digital resources on signage models. Advantech meets this demand by utilizing infrared (IR) and projected capacitive touch (PCAP) interfaces on several of its products.

PCAP touch technology is typically found in smart phones. This technology uses a glass insulator laminated with a conductor creating sensitivity to changes in electrical current. B introducing PCAP touch technology to signage, Advantech is creating smooth and durable touch solutions that meet IP ratings.

Alternatively, IR touch offers a comparatively cost efficient, touch-screen interface. However, there are inherent technological limitations to its application. 

IR touch modules utilize a mechanical technique for reading input. This mechanism, while cost effective, creates a small gap between the screen and the functional components, leading to an increased probability of environmental damage. Users should carefully consider the limitations of IR touch signage in important applications.

Advantech signage models are listed below. The DSDM models will join the VUE-5000 family soon.

  • VUE-5550-FD45SA-L0 / VUE 55" Signage, incl. JP & KR Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45SC-L0 / VUE 55" Signage, CN Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45SE-L0 / VUE 55" Signage, incl. UK & AU & ME Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45SX-L0 / VUE 55" Signage, incl. TW & US & EU Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45IA-L0 / VUE 55" IR Touch Signage, incl. JP & KR Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45IC-L0 / VUE 55" IR Touch Signage, CN Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45IE-L0 / VUE 55" IR Touch Signage, incl. UK & AU & ME Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD45IX-L0 / VUE 55" IR Touch Signage, incl. TW & US & EU Power Cord
  • VUE-5860-UD41SA-L0 / VUE 86" Signage, incl. JP & KR Power Cord
  • VUE-5860-UD41SC-L0 / VUE 86" Signage, CN Power Cord
  • VUE-5860-UD41SE-L0 / VUE 86" Signage, incl. UK & AU & ME Power Cord
  • VUE-5860-UD41SX-L0 / VUE 86" Signage, incl. TW & US & EU Power Cord

Advantech’s solutions are not limited to signage. Stretch-display screens enable wall-spanning presentation and dramatic eye catching effects. The 49” and 55” models are equipped with ultra-low profile bezels designed for varied mountings and seamless installation.

Advantech’s video wall panel has Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Users combining two panels can expect Ultra High Resolution images (4K2K, UHD) in a 3840 x 2160 format. Due to the unique size and format, content resolution must be considered if more than one stretch display is used. Similarly, content for these super-larger formats can be hard to acquire.

Advantech video wall panels support both landscape and portrait aspect ratios, and 24/7 operation.

  • VUE-5550-FD50VA-L0 / VUE 55" Video Wall, incl. JP & KR Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD50VC-L0 / VUE 55" Video Wall, CN Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD50VE-L0 / VUE 55" Video Wall, incl. UK & AU & ME Power Cord
  • VUE-5550-FD50VX-L0 / VUE 55" Video Wall, incl. TW & US & EU Power Cord