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Make Network Management Experience More Secure, Efficient and Interactive Using Advantech’s EKI-7000 Series Firmware Revision


September 2021, Taipei, Taiwan - Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication solutions, is proud to announce a management firmware revision for the EKI-7000 Ethernet switch. This downloadable enhancement will deliver higher security levels to the OT industry, enable reliable network service in harsh environments, and provide interactive user interfaces for instantaneous site condition control and monitoring. These revisions further improve EKI-7000 Ethernet switch management firmware’s usefulness in applications that handle confidential data, require non-stop network service, and/or involve 24/7 real-time monitoring.

Enhanced data security deters intrusion in OT industry

When paired with Advantech’s Security Pack, the EKI-7000 switch management firmware can help the OT industry protect IP devices against internal intrusion. Indeed, default embedded features like SFTP, login error message, and port error disable functions are capable of simultaneously authenticating, monitoring and/or disabling device access and connectivity. 

Improved reliability for non-stop network transmission

Advantech’s newest management firmware revision supports an X-Ring Pro redundancy mechanism that guarantees <20ms recovery times during connectivity failure events. This firmware revision also shortens system boot-up times, supports remote switch port analyzer (RSPAN) features, and enables link layer discovery protocol-media endpoint discovery (LLDP-MED) functions; thus engendering a ruggedized, viewable network environment.

Human-device interaction enhancement for instantaneous site management

Advantech’s EKI-7000 management firmware features an IXM fast deployment tool and WebAccess/NMS network management system. This latest revision also enables users to leverage trap and syslog standards for real-time site condition monitoring. Using this firmware enables the setting of alarm and notification functions that trigger automatically; and helps keep operators notified across diverse geographical boundaries.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Shortened system boot-up time
  • RSPAN (Remote Switch Port Analyzer)
  • LLDP-MED (Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery)
  • Security Pack (SFTP/Login Error Message/Port error disable)
  • Trap and Syslog standards

The EKI-7000 Ethernet switch management firmware is free for downloaded from the website product page by extent and new users. For more product inquiry, please contact Advantech experts will be providing you with dedicated support soon!

Primary Media Contact

  • Advantech Corporation
  • Kuei Lang
  • Tel: +886 2 2792-7818 ext. 1486