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Real Time 8K HEVC Encoder Card for Virtual Reality and 360 Video Applications


Next generation services are outstripping the processing capability of many infrastructure elements, being the load of 8K HEVC encoding more than 40X that of Full HD AVC. But it is not only about resolution. New formats such as 360o video or virtual reality multiply the amount of video information that needs to be processed at any given time. The ultra-low power VEGA-3304 encoder accelerator plans for these new requirements, being able to efficiently perform up to 8Kp60 acquisition and real-time HEVC encoding or cope with up to sixteen 1080p60 channels in a single PCI Express card. In addition to this impressive encoding performance, the VEGA-3304 add-on accelerator can be easily integrated into a server IT-based media processing application through the PCI Express bus which reduces in-house development efforts and time to market of next generation UHD and VR services.
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