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Industrial Display Solutions

Industrial Display Solutions

Product Categories

  • Industrial Display Kit

    Industrial Display Kit

    • IDK-1000 Series

      Advantech IDK-1000 series provides various sizes of industrial grade LCDs which are proven to work with all Advantech embedded boards and systems. To better serve our industrial customers, we offer wide temperature, ruggedized, high brightness, industrial grade panels with longevity supports. Advantech also offer flexible and on-demand technical support and panel customization services as follows: Backlight
    • IDK-2000 Series

      The Advantech IDK-2000 series comes with a 1200-nit industrial grade LCD, an LED driving board and optional resistive touch solution. Ranging from 8.5” to 19”, the series supports 1200 high brightness with 20% less energy and wide operating temperature perfect for whether indoors or outdoors applications.
  • Industrial IP65 Monitor

    Designed with IP65 rating ruggedized front metal frame, IDS-3300 Series supports IP65 water and dust resistance while keeping a compact and narrow bezel design. Our solutions include a full-range of touchscreens including Resistive touch, PCAP touch and protective glass.

  • Open Frame Monitor

    Advantech Open Frame Monitor series provides a bezel-less design and thus is easily integrated into any embedded applciations. This series supports rear and VESA mounting with 4 versatile mounting bracket for easy installation. Moreover, this series ranges in size from 6.5" to 19" and offers different choices with versatile touch screen integrations such as resistive, capacitive, SAW,etc, sunlight

  • Panel Mount Monitor

    Advantech Panel Mount Monitor series provides rugged aluminum front bezel design with modular architecture to be used with hazrdous and rugged environments and applications.This series supports panel and VESA mounting, and is supplied with four versatile mounting brackets for different integration applications. Moreover, this series ranges in size from 6.5" to 19" and of

  • Proflat Professional Grade 100% Flush Touch Monitors

    Advantech Proflat series of professional monitors responds to a demand for contemporary styling in demanding applications such as public signage, front of house information, medical and point-of-sale. The slim line monitors feature a flat, easy to clean and maintain glass surface that ensures product longevity. Its metal chassis design provides a rugged and stable platform for the widest range of applications. Optional multi-touch and the choice of either black or white finishes enables further

    • IDP31 Black Line Series

      IDP31 ProFlat industrial touch monitor series comes with a 100% flat front glass for easy maintenance and are equipped with a projected capacitive touch screen which supports up to 10 points.
  • Digital Signage Display

    Advantech Digital Signage Display series is designed especially for digital signage applications. Our large-format, professional displays are not only attractive, but rugged enough to withstand the constant interactivity inherent in public access venues. Built to meet all the professional applications, Advantech Digital Signage Display offers a longer life and a richer digital sig

  • Curved Monitor

    The introduction of Advantech Curved Monitors creates exciting opportunities for casino slot machines, entertainment kiosk, digital signage, control centers, and medical applications. The series is available with versatile curvatures such as 1500R, 1800R and more.