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Встраиваемые модули

Advantech provides a full range of industrial storage module, memory module, and embedded I/O module.

SQFlash and SQRAM for AIoT Applications

SQFlash, a full spectrum of security protection

SQFlash and SQRAM provide SSD and DRAM products with excellent compatibility, performance, and security, making them highly reliable for rugged environments.

SQFlash and SQRAM are verified with all Advantech platforms and fully tested with tightened high-low temperature burn-in tests to ensure high compatibility and reliability. Leveraging decades of embedded market experience, we  design and build strong and rugged storage and memory solutions well-suited for various industrial market applications.

With our customized design-in, technical support, and value-added services, we provide 3-year longevity and 3- to 5-year warranty services.

Step Into an AIoT Future with the Intelligent PMQ Tools

Advantech's DeviceOn/SQ Manager software utility includes tools that enable real-time local and remote monitoring for SQFlash and SQRAM products.

Innovative Solutions to Take Center Stage

AOI Inspection Machines

AOI Inspection Machines

AOI Inspection Machines play a key role in ensuring the quality of products after assembly. Key aspects of this inspection include AOI and X-Ray solder inspection. To achieve process development, continuous monitoring, and refinement of rework operations, it is essential to have highly precise testing equipment.  

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Chargers are typically situated outdoors, making them susceptible to various environmental conditions. To remain competitive in this industry, EV chargers must be able to endure harsh weather conditions and wide temperature fluctuations.

Heavy Industrial Equipment

Heavy Industrial Equipment 

Environments can vary significantly in terms of humidity, as well as occasional vibration and shock. Our systems are specifically designed to operate continuously, 24/7, even in demanding and harsh conditions.

Product Categories

  • Memory Module

    Memory Module

    • DDR5 Memory

      SQRAM DDR5 offers extreme high speed with 4800 MT/s data transfer rate and high efficiency power management.
    • DDR4 Memory

      SQRAM DDR4 memory modules perform at superior speeds of up to 3200 MT/s, a 20% reduction in power consumption, and higher capacity than DDR3.
    • DDR3 Memory

      SQRAM offers DDR3 memory modules with Samsung or Hynix chips and DDR3L of low voltage 1.35v backward to 1.5V compatible with Intel and AMD platforms.
    • DDR2 Memory

      SQRAM DDR2 memory modules deliver 667/800 MT/s frequency with longevity support for legacy markets.
    • DDR1 Memory

      SQRAM provides DDR1 memory modules for standard and extended temperature operations with extended longevity.
  • Industrial SSD

    Advantech SQFlash industrial embedded SSD solutions combine storage expansion modules including NVMe and SATA SSD with value-added features or services such as data security, data encryption, management software, and design-in service, providing a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications.

    • SATA SSD

      Supports SATA interface with 2.5", CF, DOM, CFast, mSATA, Slim options.
    • PATA SSD

      Supports PATA interface with 2.5", DOM and CF options
    • PCIe SSD

      Supports PCIe interface with 2.5" and M.2 options
    • Onboard Solution

      SQFlash provide standard and wide temp. onboard storage products with legacy MLC and latest 3D TLC Flash for various application demand.
    • SD / USB SSD

      Supports SD/USB interface with SD and DOM options
  • I/O Modules

    I/O Modules