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With the wide adoption of electric vehicles, especially in urban areas, owners of electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure developers currently face various challenges in expanding this new EV charging business. In particular they want to minimize the risk of investment, keep pace with growing demands and address range-anxiety issues for better EV owner satisfaction.

EVCMS (Electric Vehicle Charging Management System) is often used by residential and commercial EV (Electric Vehicle) charging site managers to monitor, measure, and control the EV electricity charging loads. Advantech EVCMS solution-ready-packages provide complete cloud-based services including:

  • xMight centralized dashboard for site managers/operators to monitor and control real-time electricity usage at EV charging stations
  • xMight Mobile App for EV owners to monitor the charging progress of EVs and billing information of their EV charging transactions
  • Arm Mbed cloud portal for IT system operators to remotely manage EV charging data communication gateways and perform over-the-air gateway software updates

Software Diagram

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Application Story

Reliable IoT Platforms to Facilitate the Fast-Growing EV Charging Business

  • Real-time EV charging point/site management
  • Contract capacity monitoring & electricity usage optimization
  • Billing/customer information management
  • End-to-end security services
  • Remote gateway diagnostics & software OTA updates
SRP Visualization

SRP Visualization

xMight EVCMS Dashboard

For Operators of EV Charging Sites


EV charging site load monitoring & contract demand management


Intelligent EV charging scheduling & real-time EV charging status control


EV charging site electricity plan & pricing management


Instantaneous EV charging site electricity usage monitoring

xMight EVCMS Mobile App

For EV Drivers


Real-time EV charging status monitoring & control


Driver-friendly EV charging time-to-mileage range conversion


Instant EV charging status notifications and alarms

Arm Mbed Cloud Portal

For IT System Managers


Remote gateway & end point device management


Over-the-air software application, root file system, and kernel updates


Secure device provisioning