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Solution Ready Package

Factory Energy Management Solution

Centralized Monitoring and Data Acquisition for Energy Efficiency Optimization


For manufacturers facing the prospect of a future global energy shortage and increasing environmental concerns, energy conservation has become a key principle in lean manufacturing and an important indicator of corporate social responsibility. By collecting data from all energy-consuming machines and equipment and generating detailed analysis reports, Advantech's energy management solution enables managers to identify excessive energy usage and implement improvements that increase energy efficiency.

Software Diagram

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Application Story

Middle-size factory adopts Adavntech solution for seamless EMS implementation

Medium-Sized Factory Adopts Advantech Solution for Seamless EMS Implementation

  • Quick implementation without the trouble of developing their own software
  • Effective monitoring of energy usage through a unified management platform
  • Easy future system expansion
Enterprise corporate taps big data for sizable energy saving

Enterprise Corporate Taps Big Data for Sizable Energy Saving

  • Upgraded industrial facilities and machinery to achieve energy-efficiency
  • Saved up to 1% on electricity after adoption
  • Lean management with organizational energy expense based on real usage instead of equally shared usage
Stable and reliable EMS solution for hospital industry

Stable and Reliable EMS Solution for Hospital Industry

  • Monitoring of crucial equipment’s condition to reduce response times in the event of an abnormality
  • Supports cross-browser and cross-platform viewing, powered by WebAccess dashboard
  • Highly reliable solution that fulfils industrial and power industry requirements, ensuring long-term stable operation
Public facility enable industry 4.0 with Advantech integrated EMS solution

Public Facility Enables Industry 4.0 with Advantech’s Integrated EMS Solution

  • Integrated cross-regional building and facility energy consumption data for improving management
  • Advantech WebAccess supports animated graphics and real-time data control for efficient analysis
  • Precise quantification of public facility expenses

SRP Visualization

SRP Visualization

Focal Point for Facility and Equipment Energy Consumption

  • Power consumption of each equipment
  • Four-week performance analysis for production lines
  • Four-week performance analysis for facility

Interactive Dashboard for Energy Management System Solution

  • Main menu for quick search

Energy Consumption Analysis

  • Seven-days comparison analysis
  • Energy usage by equipment
  • Actual energy usage vs. target usage
  • Power consumption contribution by equipment

Group Overview with Key Performance Scorecard

  • Comparison of peak energy usage in facility
  • Ranking of energy consumption for individual equipment items
  • Organizational amortization
  • Performance index for energy generation

Energy Management System

Energy Management System
  • Facility geographical distribution map and operation status by color
  • Current status overview of specific facility buildings

Abnormal Report and Analysis

Abnormal Report and Analysis
  • Trend chart of historic energy usage
  • “Quick Click” to check abnormality from historical trend

Energy Consumption by Organization

Energy Consumption by Organization
  • Comparison chart by timeline and facility equipment
  • Bill and cost comparison vs. previous year
  • Specific circuit information and status