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Solution Ready Package

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Solution

Real-time Machine Availability Management for Maximizing Operational Excellence


Overall Equipment Effectiveness Solution

Most manufacturers are unable to identify the key losses contributing to low machine productivity as it is tedious to record, collect and analyze the data manually. Advantech introduces an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled real-time machine status monitoring platform for the provision of machine availability. IoT devices and wireless communications are used for capturing real-time machine data. After that, such information is computed in edge intelligence platform and visualized through a graphical dashboard after being processed by various data models. Cloud-based services are designed and developed for making full use of the visualized data to facilitate end-users’ production operations and behaviors.

Software Diagram

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Industrial Applications

Computer Industry

Electronic Manufacturing

  • In high-mix electronics manufacturing environments with more new product introductions and changeovers, OEE is the key to success.
  • Maximized machine availability by minimizing downtime and enhanced high throughput by machine efficiency optimization.
Communication Products

Footwear & Textiles

  • In the labor-intensive and cost-sensitive industries such as textiles and shoemaking, real-time manufacturing visibility is essential.
  • Upgraded from manual transcription to real-time production monitoring for efficiency improvement and quality control.
Consumer Electronics & Appliances

Metal Processing

  • Competition in the machine and metal industry is fierce, and the industry has an urgency in increasing its production efficiency.
  • Optimized equipment utilization and achieved the highest possible productivity at the lowest cost.
Automotive Assembly


  • CNC industry is facing a major issue in having network monitoring capabilities to track OEE.
  • Improved CNC machine efficiency, quickly identified production bottlenecks, and measured the effects of process improvements.

SRP Visualization

OEE Overview

OEE Overview
  • Real-time Machine Status Monitoring
  • Machine Availability & Line Balance Rate
  • Warning of Equipment Failure or Abnormal Operations

Machine Availability

Machine Availability
  • Real-time Machine Status
  • Machine Status Timeline
  • Actual Production Time and Production Hours Lost

Cycle Time

Cycle Time
  • Cycle Time and Machine Analytics
  • Calculation of Line Balancing
  • Warning of Line Balancing Problem

Machine Availability Trend Report

Machine Availability Trend Report
  • Production Line Information
  • Monthly Data of Machine Availability
  • Target Setting and Management