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To minimize the pressure of reducing production costs and increasing product competitiveness, factory automation has become a key focus of manufacturers worldwide, with increasingly more cloud computing to be implemented in different automation applications in the future. SRP-E2i140 is designed to enhance the efficiency of automation equipment management by providing real-time connectivity, industrial interface integration, and by moving automation equipment management tasks from single platform operation to cloud-based operation.

Software Diagram

Software Diagram

System Architecture

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Application Story

Application Story

Providing higher computing and 2D/3D display capacity by integrating an X86 platform into CNC machine becomes the major interesting of automation applications in the world. With X86 platform, it provides an easier way for user to connect CNC machines together as a network for linking to cloud, and increases the overall value and efficiency of CNC operation by moving their application from single operation to cloud computing operation.


This project required three major technologies: real-time operation, servo motor control/connectivity, and data collection for cloud management. For this, Advantech provided the SRP-E2i140, a solution-ready package which uses Intel® Celeron® J1900 and Atom™ E3825/E3845 processer with automation I/O including Ethernet and CANbus, builds a real-time environment with different industrial Fieldbus and peripheral drivers under Windows 7/10, and provides WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS, an industrial cloud service driving efficiency.

Application Story

SRP Visualization

E2I Insight Dashboard for Real-time Control Solution

E2I Insight Dashboard for Real-time Control Solution

Focal Point

  • Video
  • Motor status
  • Controller status

Factory Overview

  • Factory output
  • Factory status
  • Achieved rate

Management Scorecard

  • Production output
  • Operation data
  • Power consumption
  • Event analysis

Field Side Monitoring

Field Side Monitoring
  • Device map management
  • Working status
  • Event/action

Controller Status

Controller Status
  • System temperature, CPU loading, etc.
  • System information
  • Link status
  • Working hours
  • IP/MAC address

Servo Motor Status

Servo Motor Status
  • Motor position
  • Motor velocity
  • Motor torque
  • Motor event
  • Working hour

Event Center

Event Center
  • History event record
  • Monthly comparison